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Shreyas Iyer’s recent performance against Sri Lanka has put a spotlight on his ability to handle the short ball, a topic that has been a point of contention among cricket enthusiasts and critics alike.

A Statistical Insight

Iyer’s striking rate against short-pitched bowling stands at an impressive 135.44, with a significant portion of his boundaries coming from such deliveries.

However, his average of 21.40 against short balls suggests a risk associated with his aggressive approach.

The Mental Game

Iyer’s stance is clear: a batsman risks dismissal with any aggressive shot, not just against short balls.

His confidence stems from his extensive experience playing at Wankhede Stadium, known for its even bounce, which he believes has equipped him to tackle such challenges effectively.

Shreyas Iyer’s Conquest of Perceived Weakness


In the realm of cricket, a batsman’s technique is often scrutinized, and for Shreyas Iyer, the short ball has been a recurring theme in such discussions.

After a match-winning 82 off 56 balls in Mumbai, Iyer confronted the narrative head-on, questioning the basis of this perceived weakness.

His performance not only contributed to India’s victory but also served as a statement against the criticism surrounding his technique.

Statistics vs. Perception

The numbers tell a dual story. Iyer boasts a commendable strike rate against the short ball, yet his average indicates a vulnerability.

Despite this, Iyer’s argument is one of perspective: the nature of batting inherently involves risk, and dismissal is a part of the game, regardless of the delivery type.

His approach is not without calculation; it’s a reflection of his tactical mindset and his readiness to embrace the risk for the greater reward.

The Psychological Battle and Team Dynamics

Iyer’s mental fortitude shines through his words. He acknowledges the external noise but chooses to focus on his self-belief and the support of his teammates.

This solidarity is crucial, especially on the global stage where pressure mounts and every performance is under the microscope.

Iyer’s resilience is not just about countering a particular type of delivery; it’s about overcoming the psychological warfare that athletes often face.

A Reflection of Self-Belief

Shreyas Iyer’s journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and the importance of mental strength in sports.

His ability to rise above criticism and perform under pressure is what sets him apart. As India advances in the World Cup, Iyer’s narrative is not just about a short ball; it’s about the making of a sportsman who is as adept mentally as he is technically.

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