Hilton Moreeng: Steering South Africa Women’s Cricket into the Future

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Hilton Moreeng, the head coach of the South Africa women’s cricket team, will continue his role until the end of the 2023-24 season.

This decision comes as the recruitment process for his replacement remains ongoing. Moreeng’s tenure, now in its 12th year, was initially set to conclude after the last year’s T20 World Cup.

His extended stay signifies a vote of confidence in his leadership and coaching abilities, especially following the team’s historic performance in reaching the T20 World Cup final for the first time.

The Journey Under Moreeng

Under Moreeng’s guidance, the South Africa women’s team has seen significant milestones. The pinnacle of these achievements was the team’s first-ever appearance in a T20 World Cup final, a testament to Moreeng’s effective coaching and strategic planning.

However, his journey has not been without challenges. In August last year, senior members of the team sought a change in coaching, expressing a desire for fresh ideas and perspectives.

Despite this, Moreeng’s contract was extended, reflecting the complexities and nuances of coaching at the international level.

The Road Ahead


Moreeng’s immediate focus will be on the upcoming tour to Australia, which includes a one-off Test and a home series against Sri Lanka starting in late March.

This tour is crucial for South Africa’s preparation and performance on the international stage.

The team is currently leading in the women’s championship, the qualification pathway to the 2025 World Cup, showcasing their potential under Moreeng’s leadership.

Building for the Future

South Africa has named a 25-player squad for a week-long training camp in Pretoria to prepare for the Australia tour.

The emphasis on red-ball cricket in the camp highlights the team’s commitment to excelling in all formats of the game.

Clinton de Preez, the women’s selection convener, emphasized the importance of this camp in creating depth and addressing key areas within the squad.

Conclusion: A Period of Transition and Opportunity

Hilton Moreeng’s continued role as the head coach of the South Africa women’s cricket team marks a period of transition and opportunity.

His leadership will be crucial in navigating the team through upcoming tours and championships.

As the team prepares for their first Test against Australia and other future challenges, Moreeng’s experience and expertise will be invaluable in guiding the team to new heights.

The journey ahead promises to be an exciting one for South African women’s cricket, with Moreeng at the helm steering the team towards continued success and growth.

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