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Hey there, have you heard about Mega Fishing by JILI? It’s a super fun real cash game that you can win real money online while enjoying the cheeriness of exploring undersea creatures.

These online slot game features a whopping many different creatures to shoot, and the payouts are big! So if you’re someone who enjoys the excitement of money-winning games, then Mega Fishing by JILI is perfect for you.

So why not give it a shot? Moreover, by registering and depositing with 7Cric today, you’ll receive a generous 200% Welcome Bonus as a new player of JILI’s online slots.

Play Mega Fishing by JILI for Free at 7Cric

Mega Fishing by JILI is one of the best real money games that you can win real money with. Additionally, you can try it for free at 7Cric – the best real cash games dealer in India.

Furthermore, the game has 27 different kinds of fish to shoot, special guns, and mega bosses to beat, making it one of the best ways to win money at a casino. Moreover, you can try out the game without losing any real money by playing the demo version.

Once you feel ready, you can put down money to play for real money and win big. So, don’t wait any longer and try Mega Fishing by JILI at 7Cric right now!

Game Info of Mega Fishing
Game Name Mega Fishing
Provider JILI
RTP (Payout %) 97.23%
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
out of 900768 players
Free Spin
Max Win
Up to 75% Reload Bonus
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A Quick Look into Mega Fishing by JILI

Mega Fishing by JILI Gameplay

People worldwide, including in India, love online slots. Meanwhile, real cash games such as fish shooting games are also popular. Mega Fishing by JILI is another popular game in this category.

We’ll be delving deeper into the fish-shooting themed online slots. Firstly, we’ll examine the gameplay mechanics and visual aspects of the game.

Additionally, we’ll also discuss the payout system in detail. If you’re a fan of online money games, you won’t want to miss this section.

1. An Overview: The Gameplay and Visual Aspect

In Mega Fishing by JILI, your goal is to shoot fish and other underwater creatures to earn points and money. Additionally, the game has three rooms available, each with different bet ranges.

Room Name Bet Range Description
Newbie Room ₹0.1 – ₹10 Perfect for new players who want to learn
Joy Room ₹0.1 – ₹50 Popular among casual players
Honor Room ₹1 – ₹100 Offers high rewards for experienced players

In the other hands, you also can explore different shooting modes, different guns or weapons. There are also special weapons like the Railgun and Torpedo. So you can earn more points and accumulate winnings.

Special Weapon Cost Effect
Railgun 15x the bet amount Chance to activate chain lightning after killing a fish
Torpedo 6x the bet amount Higher chance of killing fish
Auto Aim Game Feature – Free Auto targeting one or more fish or creature.
Auto shoot Game Feature – Free Auto shoot without click the hit button.

However, in this fish shooting games, JILI features a deep sea creatures such as Mega Octopus which can trigger a Bonus Round. Also, many mega bosses like Giant Crocodile and many more.

Meanwhile, on visual aspect design of Mega Fishing by JILI, this game has beautiful and detailed graphics that create a realistic underwater world.

Despite the showcases colorful and well-designed sea creatures and uniquely designed firing turrets, the game’s interface is surprisingly user-friendly and easy to navigate. This allows for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

2. The Payout System

In this online slots, it’s important to understand that Mega Fishing by JILI is a unique game. However, as with any game, there are different categories of fish that players should know about.

Firstly, there are regular fish, which are typically smaller in size and value. Secondly, there are special fish, which offer higher payouts due to their rarity.

Additionally, players can encounter bosses, which are larger and more difficult to catch but also offer higher rewards.

Lastly, there are immortal beasts, which are the rarest and most valuable fish in the game. In summary, understanding the different categories of fish in Mega Fishing by JILI is crucial for maximizing points and earnings.

Category Name Payout Range
Regular Fish/Creature













Green Gold Fish 2x
Clown Fish 2x
Angle Fish 3x
Puffer Fish 4x
Jelly Fish 5x
Lion Fish 6x
Turtle 7x
Octopus 8x
Lobster 10x
Anglerfish 12x
Green Shark 15x
Manta Ray 20x
Hammer Shark 25x
Special Fish/Creature










Huge Clownfish 20x – 125x
Huge Anglefish 25x – 150x
Huge Puffer Fish 30x – 175x
Golden Gold Fish 40x
Golden Clown Fish 45x
Golden Jelly Fish 50x
Golden Manta Ray 55x
Starfish 60x
Bomb Crab 70x
Drill Crab 20x – 80x



Giant AnglerFish 150x – 600x
Gem Turtle
Immortal Beasts


Giant Crocodile 150x – 600x
Mega Octopus 100x – 900x

Meanwhile, if you looking for a bigger wins, killing bosses and immortal beasts can trigger special effects that increase the chances of winning more money.

The ultimate goal is to shoot the Mega Octopus, which will trigger the lucky wheel. By doing so, you can win up to a 950x multiplier or activate the Golden Wheel for even bigger payouts.

Beginners Guide: How to Play Mega Fishing at 7Cric

Mega Fishing by JILI Gameplay

This is a guide for beginners on how to play Mega Fishing by JILI, which is an online fish shooting game. Moreover, the game has 27 types of undersea creatures.

However, the objective is to shoot and kill fish to earn rewards, defeat the mega octopus, and find the wheel of fortune. The guide will explain the basic steps of the game until you win. Let’s get started!

1. Set Up an Account and Deposit

To begin with, starting to play Mega Fishing by JILI requires creating an account on the 7Cric website and depositing funds. Without an account and funds, it won’t be possible to place bets and participate in the game.

2. Pick the Game and Room

Once you have deposited funds, select Mega Fishing by JILI from the online slots category on the 7Cric website. Then, choose a game room that suits your skill level and budget.

3. Customize Your Shooting Options

Before you begin fishing, first, choose from the Auto Aim or Auto Shooting features. Additionally, select special weapons like the Railgun or Torpedo to boost your attack.

4. Start Shooting!

To begin with, start shooting the various fish to earn rewards and defeat the final boss, the Mega Octopus. Furthermore, each fish type has its own unique payout and point value, so it’s important to choose your targets wisely.

5. Gather Your Winnings

As you catch more fish, your winnings will accumulate. Furthermore, to exit the game and save your earnings, select the Exit option in the Settings menu. Finally, your winnings will be saved in the Lobby area.

Final Thoughts of Mega Fishing by JILI

In addition, Mega Fishing by JILI is a great choice, with an impressive graphics, engaging gameplay, and a payout system that makes it one of the best casino games to win money.

Moreover, with different creatures to shoot and varying payout values, players can win a lot of money with good planning and luck. The game’s bonuses and power-ups can also increase players’ chances of winning.

Overall, Mega Fishing is a fun and engaging way to win big on online money games. Additionally, you can take your chance to win big and claim your 200% Welcome Bonus with 7Cric – the best online casino in India.

FAQs – Mega Fishing by JILI

Meanwhile, if you’re new to online money games, you might have some concerns or uncertainties about the game. However, this section aims to address those and improve your chances of winning.

1. What special features in Mega Fishing?

Mega Fishing has various features such as the Mega Wheel and power-ups that can help you catch more fish and increase your chances of winning big.

2. How can I catch high-value fish in Mega Fishing?

To begin with, focus on the boss and immortal beasts as they offer the highest payout. Additionally, use your bullets wisely and aim carefully to increase your chances of catching them.

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