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One game that is sure to appeal to live game fans is Crazy Coin Flip Live by Evolution Gaming. With its different game modes and top-up phase, this game provides players with plenty of opportunities to win big.

However, you can maximize your winnings and have even more fun, with the best live casino bonuses available from 7Cric, a 75% Reload Bonus up to ₹20,000 every week, for any Evolution Gaming games. Give it try!

Spin Your Luck at Crazy Coin Flip Live Casino Games!

Crazy Coin Flip might be the perfect game for you if you like live casino games. Although the game’s name sounds like Evolution’s Crazy Time Live, the game has nothing in common with it.

Meanwhile, it gives players a lot of chances to win big, due to its different game modes, top-up phase, and coin flip at the end. At the same time, Evolution Gaming and 7Cric add the best live casino bonuses to this games.

1. Crazy Coin Flip Live Goals

However, Crazy Coin Flip by Evolution Gaming has three parts, with the slot game in the first part taking up most of your time.

To reduce the regular game’s grind, Crazy Coin Flip Live features both a turbo option and two ante bet settings that boost your chances of going into the bonus round.

On a 3×3 slot machine, the bonus round is all about getting multipliers for each side of the coin. The live host then does the final Coin Flip, and no matter what happens, you win a prize.

2. Gameplay and Features

The Qualification Phase

In the first place, the Qualification Phase of the live game is played on a 5×3 slot machine that looks like it has been around for a long time. From the seven different pay symbols, you can win between 0.2 and 20 times your bet.

However, what you really want is to get to the part of the game where you flip a coin (the Coin Flip Phase) . During the Qualification Phase of the game, there are three different ways to play:

Game Mode RTP Cost Guaranteed Scatters
Regular Spins 96.05% Standard/Default None
XXXtreme Spins 96.00% 5x normal bet At least 1 per spin
Super XXXtreme Spins 96.05% 50x normal bet At least 2 per spin

You can turn on turbo mode to make animations move faster, and auto-play lets you sit back and watch the show.

Top-Up Phase

To get to the top-up and coin flip part of the game, you need to see at least 3 scatters on the same spin. However, scatters may come with multipliers that affect how much you win on the coin flip.

During the Top-Up Phase of Crazy Coin Flip Live, you have to collect multipliers, but you only have a certain amount of time to do so.

If you enter the Top-Up phase right before the Coin Flip phase starts, you can stay in the Top-Up phase until the next coin flip.

In addition, you can get more coin multipliers by spinning a 3×3 slot, and the multipliers you get will be bigger if you bet more. That coins are red or blue, and if you get three of the same color in the middle row, you win.

The Coin Flip Phase

Those multiplier values on the winning coins are then added together and stored. In either the red or blue multiplier meter, until the Coin Flip Phase begins.

The big climax in Crazy Coin Flip Live, is the Coin Flip Phase, which the Live host uses a special air pressure device to flip a coin.

First, a random multiplier is given to both the red and blue sides of the coin. All qualified players get the same multiplier.

After that, the multipliers you’ve gotten from scatters and the top-up phase are added to the blue and red sides of the coin, respectively.

The Live host presenter pulls a lever to flip the coin. Whether the coin lands on red or blue, you get paid based on your base bet and total multiplier.

3. An Overview

To point out, Crazy Coin Flip Live might not be the best choice for online slots die-hard. However, this game is quite refreshing, for those of you who are bored with common casino games

As shown above, the chances of winning during the game’s Qualification Phase are quiet low. So, for any slots die-hard, it would be takes time to feel the euphoria of winning.

Nevertheless, small wins can keep you going while you wait for 3 scatters to land. Meanwhile, the Turbo and XXXtreme Spins modes make grinding much faster.

FAQs – Crazy Coin Flip Live

Overall, this live casino games is a fun and interesting, that gives traditional slots a new twist. Crazy Coin Flip Live is a game that fans of live games are sure to like.

In fact, that you always win something when you flip a coin makes the game even more exciting. However, here’s some frequently asked questions about this live casino games:

1. Is these live casino games mobile-friendly?

The Crazy Coin Flip Live game has been developed for played on mobile devices, so you may play it on your mobile device of choice, whether it a smartphone or a tablet.

2. How many different ways can you play Crazy Coin Flip Live?

During the qualification phase of Crazy Coin Flip Live casino games, there are three different ways to play. There are Regular Spins, XXXtreme Spins, and Super XXXtreme Spins. Each mode has a different RTP rate and a different number of scatters that are guaranteed on every spin.

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