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Super Andar Bahar Live, the latest addition to the live casino gaming scene from Evolution Gaming. It takes the traditional Indian card game “Andar Bahar” to a whole new level.

With unique features and a fresh twist on the classic Andar Bahar game. Players can now enjoy the simplicity of playing Andar Bahar online with the option to play in a whole new way.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at Super Andar Bahar Live and examine what makes it different from the traditional Andar Bahar game.

A Closer Look at Super Andar Bahar by Evolution Gaming

The world of live gambling is buzzing with enthusiasm over the popularity of online Andar Bahar game, and it’s no surprise to see Evolution Gaming, one of the industry giants, join in on the action.

1. Andar Bahar’s Graphic and Visual

Super Andar Bahar Live Visual

The fact that Super Andar Bahar Live was created with Hindi-speaking tables from the start demonstrates how vital the Indian market is.

True to form, Evolution Gaming has added their own twist to the game, with a unique multiplier mechanic that affects one of the side bets. However, the main wagers and gameplay remain standard for the industry.

As always, the presentation and production quality of the game are top-notch. It is streamed from a live casino studio with an Indian theme that was built specifically for the game.

Evolution Gaming Andar Bahar

With the option for native-speaking tables, Super Andar Bahar Live is an excellent choice for players looking to play Andar Bahar online game in Hindi.

The beauty of online Andar Bahar game lies in its simplicity, and these game preserves that spirit with two main bets and a single side bet.

The low minimum bet of ₹41 makes it easy to join, which adds to the easygoing atmosphere and gameplay.

2. How to Play Super Andar Bahar Live

The basic idea behind Andar Bahar is simple: the dealer selects a single card, known as the Joker, to define the game’s aim for the round.

Then, they draw cards on two piles named Andar and Bahar, alternating between them, with Andar receiving the first card, followed by Bahar, and so on. The pile which gets the same card as the Joker wins.

Betting on Super Andar Bahar Live is similarly easy. Before the round begins, you have 14 seconds to decide your stake by using the chips on the screen and selecting either Andar or Bahar.

If the pile you choose wins, so does your wager. The basic payout is even money for both options, but the rewards for Andar bets are lowered to 0.9:1 since Andar always gets the first card and has a slightly larger probability of winning.

The multipliers may only affect the side bets, which are explained in the section below called “Special Features.”

3. The Payout Systems

The Super Andar Bahar Live main bet payouts work in an industry-standard manner. Andar, the pile that receives the first card, pays out at 0.9:1, and Bahar pays even money.

On the other hand, the Super Andar Bahar Live side bet payouts are slightly lower than industry standard, but with the possibility of being multiplied. Check out the paytable below for more details.

Bet Payout RTP
Main Bets
Andar 0,9:1 97.85%
Bahar 1:1 97.00%
Number of Cards Side Bet
1-5 2:1 94.87%
6-10 3:1 97.67%
11-15 4:1 92.97%
16-20 5:1 98.10%
21-25 8:1 94.53%
26-30 12:1 94.29%
31-35 20:1 94.84%
36-40 40:1 95.08%
41-45 110:1 94.84%
46-49 800:1 92.97%

4. Special Features

The side bet is the most interesting thing about Super Andar Bahar Live by Evolution Gaming. The feature itself is pretty common in online Andar Bahar games.

Evolution Gaming, on the other hand, added a multiplier system to change things up a bit. To win the side bet, you must correctly guess the total number of cards drawn before the current round concludes.

For example, I f you bet on cards numbered 16-20, for instance, you’ll win if any of those numbers turn out to be the Joker or a card with the same value.

The countdown begins with the first Andar card, which is the first card that is shown after the Joker.

But, after the betting period is ended, 1 to 5 of the side bet possibilities are chosen at random and doubled. With a multiplier applied, the reward for a successful Super Andar Bahar Live game side bet is boosted.

Multipliers aren’t always the same. For example, they can be three times, five times, or ten times the base payout. However, in these game, the most you can win is 4,000x your bet when you multiply it by 46–49.

The results of the side bet have nothing to do with the main bet. It doesn’t matter if Andar or Bahar got the winning card as long as it was the right number. You can also make side bets even if you don’t want to make the main bet.

The game also comes with stats and plans for how to play. You can use these to see how the last 120 rounds turned out.

5. Super Andar Bahar Live Bonus by 7Cric’s

We’re glad you’re reading this article. Furthermore, we support your interest in playing Super Andar Bahar Live in our online casino.

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FAQs – Super Andar Bahar Live

Because the main game is so simple. Because of that, sometimes you might be feel boring, but everyone will be happy to see when multipliers popping up.

However, with the well-known Evolution Gaming quality stamp, it’s hard to find problem with it. Instead, here’s some frequently asked question are common in every player:

1. Is it hard to figure out how to play?

No, Andar Bahar’s beauty comes from how simple it is, and Super Andar Bahar keeps that spirit by only having two main bets and one side bet. The low minimum bet of $0.5 makes it easy to join, which adds to the easygoing atmosphere and gameplay.

2. How much do people win when they play Super Andar Bahar Live?

The payouts for the main bet are standard for the industry. Andar, the pile that gets the first card, pays 0.9:1 and Bahar pays even money. But the payouts for the Super Andar Bahar Live side bet are a little bit lower than the industry average, but they can be multiplied.

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