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If you’re bored of the usual online slot games and you’re looking for fresh real cash games to play, Happy Fishing by JILI may be the perfect answer for you.

This is another shooting-themed slot game by JILI that you can explore, with thrilling arcade-like games where players can hunt entities to win prizes.

A bigger bet means more power for your weapons, which should also mean a shorter time to take down the targets. So, are you ready to play this fun real cash game with 7Cric?

Try Happy Fishing by JILI for Free at 7Cric

Don’t hesitate to try out Happy Fishing by JILI at 7Cric. As you enjoy your leisure time, we also provide you with access to a free demo version of the game.

This way, you can become familiar with the gameplay and features. However, while playing this free version, keep in mind that any winnings cannot be withdrawn.

To win real money, you will need to create an account and make a deposit with 7Cric. But until then, enjoy our demo version for absolutely free!

Game Info of Happy Fishing
Game Name Happy Fishing
Provider JILI
RTP (Payout %) 98.79%
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
out of 900768 players
Free Spin
Max Win
200% Welcome Bonus
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Let’s Go Fishing on Happy Fishing by JILI

Happy Fishing By JILI Bonus Gameplay

To fully understand real cash games, there are three key aspects that players must consider. Firstly, the gameplay itself. Secondly, the interface, including the visual aspect. And lastly, the payout system.

Why are these three aspects important? Well, because real cash games involve risking real money, it’s crucial to play responsibly and implement a proper strategy to increase your chances of winning.

It’s important to note that understanding these three aspects should be your first step before progressing further in the game. So, if you want to find out more about these three key aspects, let’s find out more with 7Cric.

1. Gameplay

Overall, unlike other luck-based games where you can win real money, Happy Fishing by JILI is all about strategy and precision. The objective is to defeat as many fish and sea creatures as possible to increase the prizes.

Place your bets strategically to adjust the power of the weapons you use. On the other hand, you can also use special weapons like torpedoes or the free thunderbolt feature to increase your power.

Bigger bet amounts, means more power. However, maximize your fishing experience with the Auto Fishing and AIM features. You can sit back and relax as the game does the work for you.

2. Visual Aspects

Dive into the colorful and vibrant world of Happy Fishing by JILI, one of the most visually stunning real cash games available for Indian players.

The game’s interface is both user-friendly and engaging, with its bright colors and realistic underwater graphics capturing the essence of the marine world.

With three different rooms to choose from, any players can select their desired level of difficulty and betting range.

The game’s menu options are located on the right side of the screen, making it easy to navigate and switch between features.

The “Auto Fishing” and “AIM” features allow players to sit back and relax while the game automatically targets and shoots at the fish.

However, for a more challenging and exciting experience, players can use the “Torpedo” feature for a chance to catch the most valuable fish and win big.

Happy Fishing’s impressive visuals and intuitive interface make it one of the best casino games to win money for Indian players. So, if you’re looking for a fun and engaging online money game, it will be a perfect choice.

3. Payout System

The payout system is determined by the type of fish or sea creature that you successfully shoot and defeat. Each fish has a different payout, which is represented as a multiplier of your bet.

So, simply multiply your bet amount by the payout multiplier for the fish or sea creature you successfully shoot and defeat. Here are the payout multipliers for each fish and sea creature in the game:

Category Fish/Sea Creature Payout Multiplier
Normal Fish Category Green GoldFish 2x
ClownFish 2x
AngleFish 3x
PufferFish 4x
JellyFish 5x
LionFish 6x
Turtle 7x
Octopus 8x
Lobster 10x
Angler Fish 12x
Green Shark 15x
Manta Ray 20x
Blue Shark 25x
Special Fish Category Starfish 60x
Bomb Crab 70x
Drill Crab 20x-80x
Golden GoldFish Category Golden GoldFish 40x
Golden ClownFish 45x
Golden Jellyfish 50x
Golden Manta Ray 55x
Giant Prize Fish Category Huge Clownfish 20x-25x (100x-125x)
Huge AngleFish 25x-30x (125x-150x)
Huge Pufferfish 30x-35x (150-175x)
Immortal Boss Jaws 60x-120x
Gem Turtle 50x-60x-70x (400x-480x-560x)
Mega Octopus 100x-950x (with opportunity to spin the wheel)

4. Bonus and Special Features

Happy Fishing By JILI Bonus Feature

Special Fish Category

In addition to the normal fish and sea creatures, Happy Fishing also features several special targets that offer higher payouts and unique abilities. These include:

  • Starfish: Upon death, it creates a whirlpool around itself that may kill fish caught inside.
  • Bomb Crab: Upon death, it throws three bombs onto the stage that may kill fish caught in the explosions.
  • Drill Crab: Upon death, it drops an aim-able drill on the stage. The drill bounces around and explodes at the end, which may kill fish caught in its path and final blast.

Giant Prize Fish Category

After you successfully shoot and defeat a Special Fish, you can win consecutively and will have a chance to win even higher payouts by shooting and defeating the Giant Prize Fish. The Giant Prize Fish category includes:

  • Huge Clownfish: 20x-25x (100x-125x)
  • Huge AngleFish: 25x-30x (125x-150x)
  • Huge Pufferfish: 30x-35x (150-175x)

Immortal Boss

Occasionally, the Immortal Boss will appear on the stage. If you can successfully shoot and defeat it, you will be rewarded with a high payout. The Immortal Boss includes:

  • Jaws: 60x-120x
  • Gem Turtle: 50x-60x-70x (400x-480x-560x)
  • Mega Octopus: 100x-950x (with the opportunity to spin the wheel for even higher payouts)

Torpedo Feature

Happy Fishing also includes a special weapon called the Torpedo. Firing torpedoes costs six times the bet amount, but it offers a higher chance of killing the fish.

Free Thunderbolt Feature

By shooting and accumulating energy, you can use the Free Thunderbolt feature when the energy meter is full to increase your chances of hitting and defeating the fish.

Auto Fishing Feature

Meanwhile, players can use the Auto Fishing feature to create a list of fish to shoot automatically.

AIM Feature

On the other hand, player can use the AIM feature to ignore other fish and shoot only the targeted fish.

How to Play Happy Fishing by JILI at 7Cric

Are you ready to hunt deep-sea monsters on Happy Fishing by JILI? If so, it’s important that you fully understand how the game works. In this section, 7Cric – the best online casino in India – will explain how to play this exciting game.

1. Register and Deposit

After enjoying our free version of Happy Fishing by JILI, it’s time to play for real cash. Let’s create an account on 7Cric. It’s super easy and only takes a few minutes. After that, you can deposit some funds to start playing.

2. Find Happy Fishing in the Online Slot Category

7Cric is the best online casino in India, offering a wide range of games and categories. Find Happy Fishing by JILI in the Online Slot category.

3. Choose a Suitable Room

Happy Fishing has distinct rooms that are divided by the minimum bet amount. Find the room that suits your budget.

4. Start the Game!

Set your bet at the bottom of the screen and remember, the bigger the bet, the more power you have. You can then start shooting the sea creatures that appear on the screen.

5. Maximize Any Special Features and Weapons

Don’t forget that Happy Fishing offers special weapons like the Torpedo, which multiplies your regular bet by 6x. Additionally, the more you shoot, the more the energy bar will fill up. Once it’s full, you can use the Xtorpedo for free.

6. Target the Big Fish and Monsters to Win

Remember that Happy Fishing is a shooting-themed real cash game, so you need to target the best creatures that have the highest payout.

FAQ’s – Happy Fishing

Once any betting enthusiast tries a fishing-themed slots game, they will always come back. Why? Because it offers a fresh experience of playing online slots games.

Happy Fishing by JILI offers a unique gameplay experience and gives players a chance to win big. If you are new to this game, the following FAQs section will help you get started:

1. What are the best strategies to play Happy Fishing?

There are no fixed strategies when playing any kind of online slots game. However, in Happy Fishing, which has an arcade-themed element, players should target specific fish rather than bursting randomly at any fish that appears.

2. What is the best fish to target in this game?

In Happy Fishing by JILI, players will encounter various fish and deep sea creatures. The most profitable targets to look out for are the Immortal Boss category, including Jaws, Gem Turtle, and Mega Octopus, which have a chance to give a maximum payout of up to 950x.

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