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Want to play an online slot with a maximum win of up to 1500x? Well, try Dragon Fortune by JILI – one of the most popular real cash games in India. Now, this game is available at 7Cric!

Dragon Fortune is an arcade-themed online slots game released by JILI. This game offers a unique experience of dragon hunting. This fresh real cash game will make you forget the common and boring online slots games.

In collaboration with JILI, the best real cash games provider in India, 7Cric gives you a massive bonus of up to 200% if you join us today. Now, let’s deep dive into Dragon Fortune with 7Cric!

Play Dragon Fortune by JILI for Free at 7Cric

Do you want to play Dragon Fortune by JILI without risking any money? Well, 7Cric offers a free demo version to play. However, please remember that any winnings cannot be withdrawn. Let’s give it a try now!

Game Info of Dragon Fortune
Game Name Dragon Fortune
Provider JILI
RTP (Payout %) 97.78%
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
out of 1000090 players
Free Spin
Max Win
Get up to ₹10,000 Welcome Bonus immediately!
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Into the Game of Dragon Fortune by JILI

Dragon Fortune By JILI Boss

If you are looking for a fresh online slots game, Dragon Fortune by JILI is a must-play. This dragon hunting game will lead you to easily win big. However, to get started, learn more about this game with 7Cric – the best dealer for real cash games in India.

1. Gameplay

Dragon Fortune by JILI offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its old-school shooting game style, this game is perfect for anyone who loves a challenge.

The game’s two-dimensional view from above allows you to shoot any kind of dragon that comes from the left, right, or even the sky. The object of the game is simple, kill as many dragons as you can and earn real money rewards.

One of the best things about Dragon Fortune by JILI is the wide range of targets available, each with their own unique multiplier value. You can choose from a variety of weapons, including missiles and railguns, to help you take down these targets.

If you’re lucky, you might even trigger the Crystal Bonus feature or the Awakening Attack, which can earn you massive rewards of up to 1500x your original bet.

2. Visual Aspects

Dragon Fortune By JILI Gameplay

Step into the world of Dragon Fortune by JILI, where you can enjoy a classic arcade game with a chance to win real cash. With its two-dimensional view, you can explore a stunning landscape while shooting dragons from every direction.

The interface is user-friendly and offers various options such as Missile or Railgun, AIM, and Target, making it the best casino game to win money.

The Crystal Bonus feature is a thrilling addition, and the Jewel Dragon category offers a unique chance to collect and accumulate wealth.

3. The Payouts

Understanding the payout system is an essential element. Each player needs to understand the value of each target so that they can prioritize which targets should be defeated first. Here’s detailed information about the payouts and values of each target:

Target Name Category Payout
Green Dragon Normal Dragon 2x
Red Dragon Normal Dragon 3x
Blue Dragon Normal Dragon 5x
Soaring Pig Normal Dragon 7x
Fire Dragon Normal Dragon 10x
Devil Dragon Normal Dragon 12x
Griffin Normal Dragon 15x
Gold Pig Normal Dragon 40x
Gold Dragon Normal Dragon 55x
Topaz Dragon Jewel Dragon 20x-25x, 40x-5x, 100x-125x
Sapphire Dragon Jewel Dragon 30x-35x, 60x-70x, 150x-175x
Amethyst Dragon Jewel Dragon 40x-45x, 80x-90x, 200x-225x
Electric Dragon Effect Dragon 60x
Bat Dragon Effect Dragon 70x
Mech Dragon Effect Dragon Free area-of effect bullet 3x
Rex Dragon Immortal Dragon King 50x-75x-100x
Rock Dragon Immortal Dragon King 60x-90x-120x
Nether Dragon Immortal Dragon King 100x-720x (appear simultan with 3 little dragon if defeated with plus 15x)
Awakening Dragon King Awakening Dragon King up to 1500x
Sky Dragon Special Dragon King up to 888x

How to Play Dragon Fortune by JILI

Even 7Cric gives you access to play these games for free. Let’s find out how to play and claim your winnings. Here’s a step-by-step guide to hunt the dragon on Dragon Fortune by JILI at 7Cric.

1. Create an Account and Deposit

The demo version cannot be withdrawn, so you need an account. Create an account now to claim a 200% welcome bonus if you join and deposit on 7Cric today.

2. Find the Game on 7Cric Lobby

7Cric is the best online casino in India, offering a wide range of game selections from online slots to sportsbook. You can choose the Online Slot category to find Dragon Fortune.

3. Set Your Guns

After you find this game, you can easily locate the “Hit” button. But first, you need to adjust your betting size. It should be clear that each shot will cost you. Bigger bets mean more power.

4. Hunt the Dragons!

We recommend that you find the Help option to learn about the targets’ values listed in this game. After that, you should prioritize two things: first, the special effects of some dragons, and second, the value of each dragon. Hunting the dragons has a special effect or a bigger multiplier.

5. Claim Your Winnings

Each dragon that you defeat will give you straightforward money in your bankroll. So, if you think some winnings are enough, you may need to exit and take a break for a while.

Final Thought of Dragon Fortune by JILI

With a chance to win up to 1000 times the bet amount, Dragon Fortune by JILI offers a unique shooting slots game experience. If you are bored with common online slots games, this real cash game might be suitable for you. Play now at 7Cric – the best real cash games dealer in India!

FAQ’s – Dragon Fortune

Dragon Fortune by JILI is a unique online slot game. If you are new, this game might be too complex. In this FAQ section, you can find common questions that are asked by players:

1. Did any shot count as a bet?

Yes. Each shot a player takes will cost from the bankroll. You can adjust it with the (-) and (+) icons. However, more power requires bigger bets.

2. What is the best target to defeat?

The best target to defeat is the Awakening Dragon King, with a prize of up to 1500x. But you should also consider defeating the Jewel Dragon category, due to its special effect, if possible.

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