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Boom Legend by JILI would be refreshing, rather than a common online slot, due to the inclusion of arcade elements. These real cash games are a perfect choice for online money gaming.

Currently, Boom Legend is exclusively available on 7Cric – the best dealer of real cash games in India. We also offer a 200% welcome bonus to every new player who joins and plays with us today.

Play Slot Demo Boom Legend by JILI – 7Cric

Boom Legend by JILI combines elements of real money games and arcade games to create a thrilling experience.

With special weapons and bonus features, Boom Legend is the best casino game to win money and one of the most popular online money games in India.

Without risking your money, you can first try 7Cric’s demo version of Boom Legend for free! Remember, any winnings from the demo version cannot be withdrawn. Therefore, this version is only for practice purposes.

Game Info of Boom Legend
Game Name Boom Legend
Provider JILI
RTP (Payout %) 97.05%
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
out of 900768 players
Free Spin
Max Win
300% Welcome Bonus up to ₹10,000
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Getting Started on Boom Legend by JILI

Ready to play Boom Legend by JILI? Hold on! You should have a basic understanding of this game. In this section, we will deep dive into the gameplay, the interface, and the payout system. Let’s find out with 7Cric!

1. Gameplay

Boom Legend is an arcade-style slot game, and the objective is to beat as many creatures as you can in a river landscape to earn multipliers that increase rewards.

To succeed in the game, players must carefully adjust bet amount to determine the strength of their attacks, and also select their weapon or any special feature to beat any enemy.

The game offers various special weapons, such as the Rocket Punch and the Lightning Spear, to aid players in defeating even the most challenging foes. Meanwhile, you can get a free Lightning Spear.

The Lightning Spear feature enables players to strike down multiple enemies simultaneously, thereby increasing their chances of achieving a substantial payout.

2. Visual Aspect

Boom Legend By JILI Mega Boss

The game boasts impressive graphics that create an immersive atmosphere in a mystical landscape, where various monsters and creatures appear along a winding river.

These game is designed to enhance the user’s gaming experience by providing smooth and hassle-free gameplay.

The bet amount, located on the lower left edge of the screen, determines the strength of the player’s weapon. Increasing the bet amount will result in a more powerful weapon, allowing the player to defeat targets quickly.

On the lower right edge of the screen, the player can select a weapon from a list of options, including Rocket Punch, Mines, Axe, Hammer, and Mystery Chest.

3. Payout System

Boom Legend By JILI Payout 2

These JILI’s game offers a distinct payout system that includes a variety of monsters, creatures, and bosses to defeat in order to earn multipliers and increase prize amounts.

Players have the ability to choose their bet amount, which determines the strength of the weapon used, making it a highly flexible betting system. Here’s the detailed payout you should know:

Category Creatures/Monsters Payout Bonus Payout
Monsters Goblin, Archer, Swordsman, Red Goblin, Elite Archer, Elite Swordsman, Lancer, Viking, Knight, Red Witch 6x-40x N/A
Bonus Cyclops Cyclops, Blue Cyclops, Green Cyclops 20x-45x 100x-225x
Golden Demons Golden Viking, Golden Knight 50x-180x Up to 420x
Special Monsters Goblin Bomber, Black Knight, Medusa, Mystery Box 20x-120x N/A
Bonus Demon Crocodile INR 188-88888 N/A
Boss Rock Giant, Cerberus, Golden Giant, Ice Dragon, Flaming Cerberus 80x-888x N/A
Special Boss Octopus, Furious Octopus 80x-800x 10x-100x
Dreadfreaks N/A Up to 2x odds N/A

4. Special Bonus Feature

Players can easily win in these game, because Boom Legend by JILI have many special bonus feature. Such as, when defeating the Cyclops can result in receiving a treasure map. By collecting 10 treasure maps, a Golden Treasure Chest can be earned.

Meanwhile, when a Golden Demon creature is killed, there is a possibility of obtaining a Treasure Chest. The odds of obtaining a Treasure Chest are increased by 2x when it is a Silver Treasure Chest and by 6x when it is a Gold Treasure Chest.

In fact, when defeated the Goblin Bomber, may drop a bomb that has the ability to push back monsters within its blast radius. Medusa’s death causes her eye to appear, which can damage and petrify monsters within its zone.

However, if a Crocodile is killed, a bonus prize ranging from INR 188 to INR 88888 can be earned. The chances of receiving a higher bonus prize increase with a larger bet.

Additionally, after a player defeats any creatures, they may randomly reanimate into Dreadfreaks. Defeating those Dreadfreaks may provide an opportunity to win greater rewards, with a maximum odds increase of 2x

How To Play Boom Legend at 7Cric

Boom Legend By JILI Gameplay

Boom Legend by JILI is a fun arcade-themed online slot game. In this game, players are invited to beat various creatures and monsters for the chance to win big prizes.

In this section, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of playing Boom Legend by JILI, so you can get the most out of this thrilling game.

1. Register and Deposit

To begin playing Boom Legend on 7Cric, you must first register for an account and make a deposit. As a new player, you may qualify for a 200% Welcome Bonus up to INR 15,000.

2. Find Boom Legend in the Lobby

Once you have logged into the 7Cric Lobby, find Boom Legend in the Online Slot category to begin playing.

3. Learn About the Game

Before you start, it is important to understand the value or multiplier of each creature or monster. You can access this information by clicking on the “Help” option in the game.

4. Adjust Your Bet

To adjust your bet, navigate to the lower left edge of the screen and set the desired amount. The strength of the weapon used by the player is determined by the bet amount. The larger the bet, the more powerful the weapon, and the quicker the target can be defeated.

5. Select Your Weapon

You can choose your weapon by using the weapon selection button located on the lower right edge of the screen. There are five weapons to choose from, including Rocket Punch, Mines, Axe, Hammer, or Lightning Spear.

6. Hit the Best Target

Once you have selected your weapon, click on the creature or monster that you want to attack. Aim carefully and shoot to defeat the target.

7. Claim Your Winnings

After defeating the target, you can claim your winnings. The amount you win depends on the value or multiplier of the creature or monster you defeated.

8. Use Special Weapons

Special weapons, such as Rocket Punch, Mines, Axe, Hammer, or Lightning Spear, can be used to defeat the targets more effectively. Each weapon has a different effect and cost, so choose carefully.

9. Defeat Bonus Creatures and Bosses

Throughout the game, you will encounter bonus creatures and bosses with higher payouts. Defeat these creatures and bosses to win bigger prizes.

10. Watch Out for Dreadfreaks

Be wary of Dreadfreaks, which can reanimate after you kill some monsters. Kill the Dreadfreaks for a chance to win even greater rewards (max 2x odds).

Final Thought of Boom Legend

Boom Legend is an online money game developed by JILI that incorporates arcade game elements. The game features a landscape set along a river where players can conquer monsters and creatures while winning real money.

Boom Legend appeals to both beginners and experienced players looking for the best casino game to win money. The game provides special weapons such as the Rocket Punch and Lightning Spear, as well as exciting bonus rounds.

Anyone looking for real cash games should try Boom Legend. The game offers a unique and engaging experience that can be profitable. Join the adventure now and start winning big with 7Cric – the best real money games dealer in India!

FAQs – Boom Legend

Boom Legend is an online slot game that combines arcade elements with real cash games. This game offers players the opportunity to win real money.

To help guide you through your journey, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. These questions will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about the game.

1. How do I win real money in Boom Legend?

By placing cash bets in Boom Legend, players can win real money. The size of the bet determines the strength of the player’s weapon, which helps defeat targets faster. The game offers a variety of creatures, bosses, and special weapons, resulting in potential for high payouts..

2. What are the special features in Boom Legend?

Boom Legend offers a range of special features to enhance gameplay and increase your chances of winning, such as Rocket Punch, Mines, Axe, Hammer, Lightning Spear, and more. Each special weapon has its own unique abilities and benefits, therefore, it’s worth experimenting with them.

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