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Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI, is an online slot game that combines shooting game elements, making it a unique and refreshing experience for players. This game is now exclusively available on 7Cric, the best online casino in India.

First thing to remember, the game features various creatures from prehistoric times that players can shoot for a chance to win real money.

Additionally, the game’s user interface are well-designed, providing features such as auto-hunting, special weapons, special skills, and many more.

Overall, Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI is a fun and exciting game that can provide players with an entertaining way to win money. So, find out more about these game with 7Cric – the best real cash games dealer in India!

Try Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI for Free at 7Cric

Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI is a popular shooting game that combines elements of an online slot game. Additionally, it gives players the chance to win real money while hunting down prehistoric creatures.

However, at 7Cric – the best real cash games dealer in India, you can try these games for free. By doing so, you can experience the adrenalin-rush of the hunt without risking any real cash.

All in all, it’s important to remember that each winnings you receive can not be withdrawn. So, don’t miss out on the chance to play one of the top real cash games in India!

Game Info of Dinosaur Tycoon
Game Name Dinosaur Tycoon
Provider JILI
RTP (Payout %) 94.22%
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
out of 900768 players
Free Spin
Max Win
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An Overview: A Quick Look into Dinosaur Tycoon

Dinosaur Tycoon is the best real cash games enthusiasts. Additionally, it is a perfect combination of a shooting game and an online slot game, designed to give players the chance to win real money.

Furthermore, with a gameplay that is both straightforward and exhilarating, Dinosaur Tycoon is the best casino game to win money in India. Moreover, visually stunning and with a user interface that is easy to navigate.

Consequently, in this section we will breakdown of the gameplay, visual aspect, and the payout itself. So, if you are new to these shooting-themed online slots, let’s deep dive more with 7Cric!

1. The Gameplay and Visual Aspects

Dinosaur Tycoon Gameplay

This game combines the best of shooting games and online slot games to create an experience that is truly unique.

As you step into the world of Dinosaur Tycoon, you will be transported back to the prehistoric era, where you will encounter a wide range of creatures such as dragons, elephants, and giant monsters.

In other words, the objective of the game is simple, and it involves shooting down as many creatures as possible. By doing so, you can increase your chances of winning real cash prizes.

In this case, these game is designed to keep you entertained for hours. The game also features a simple yet visually stunning user interface that makes it easy to navigate and adjust your settings.

Moreover, adjusting your weapon by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons at the bottom of the screen is a unique feature of the game.

Additionally, this allows you to increase the power of your weapon and take down even the toughest creatures with ease.

Additionally, the game features a range of special weapons and skills, including the Heavy Axe and Lightning Strike, that can help you increase your winnings.

On the positive side, the Auto Hunting and Target features, you can sit back and let the game do the work for you.

Notably, Dinosaur Tycoon is one of the best casino games to win money. To be sure with a maximum payout of 1500x multiplier from the Golden T-Rex giant dinosaur limit.

Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI is not only a thrilling and exciting game to play, but it also boasts stunning visuals that will transport you to another realm.

The background of the game is designed to immerse you in the prehistoric era, with the atmosphere of the game adding to the excitement of the hunt.

2. The Payout System

Are you ready to win big with Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI? This game boasts some of the most exciting payouts in the world of real cash games. Here are the top payouts you can expect when playing Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI:

Category Name Payout Range
Normal Dragon Baby Dragon 2x
Eggy Dragon 3x
Eggshell Dragon 4x
Velociraptor 5x
Cortyhosaurus 6x
Triceratops (Blue) 8x
Triceratops (Red) 9x
Saber-Tooth Tiger 10x
Golden Tiger 50x
Golden Dragon 55x
Special Medium Dragon Thorn Dragon 20x – 25x (can be 140x – 175x)
Stegosaurus 30x – 35x (can be 210x – 245x)
Spinosaurus 40x – 45x (can be 280x – 315x)
Special Dragon Egg Mystery Dragon Egg 35x
Effect Dragon Bomb Frog 60x – 80x
Oviraptor 40x – 120x
Pterosaur 80x – 100x
Special Colossal Beast Mammoth 150x – 300x
Immortal Dragon King Brontosaurus 60x – 150x
T-Rex 80x – 200x
Flying Dragon 135x – 500x
Special Dragon King Golden T-Rex 100x – 1000x (can be 150x – 1500x)
Golden Mammoth Golden Mammoth
  • INR 100-200 for bet 0,1
  • INR 300-500 for bet 0,2-0,8
  • INR 3000-5000 for bet 0.9-9
  • INR 30,000-50,000 for bet 10-50
  • INR 60,000-80,000 for bet 60-100

However, in order to Normal Dragon category, the other creatures or dragon has a bonus feature, including these following bonus:

  • Special Medium Dragon – Firstly, these category can be taken down to win up to 315x with consecutive hits.
  • Special Dragon Egg – Additionally, breaking the Special Dragon Egg activates a 20% multiplier for prizes from all dragons killed within a 20-second time limit.
  • Effect Dragon – Furthermore, beat the Bomb Frogs to explode more areas. In addition, Oviraptors give players a chance to obtain one of three special weapons at random, while Pterosaurs trigger large-scale consecutive explosions when players detonate three bombs.
  • Special Colossal Beast – Similarly, shooting down these category can increase your payout up to 300x. Moreover, breaking the ore can cause the same effect.
  • Special Dragon King – In addition, taking down these creature can increase your payout up to a whopping 1500x with the right bet.
  • Golden Mammoth – Lastly, taking down these creature has a chance to get bonuses ranging from INR 100 to INR 80,000, depending on their bet.

Beginners Guide: How to Play Dinosaur Tycoon

Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI is a shooting-themed online slot game that offers real money prizes. Moreover, the objective of the game is to shoot dragons and creatures to earn higher payouts.

Therefore, in this guide, we will provide simple instructions to help new players understand this fun online slot game and increase their chances of winning at 7Cric – the best real cash games dealer in India.

1. Login or Create an Account and Deposit

Before you can play Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI, you have to sign in to 7Cric or make an account. After you’ve done this easy step-by-step process, which won’t take more than a few minutes, you can start playing.

But you need to put money into your account before you can start playing. There are several ways to put money into your 7Cric account, including bank transfer, credit card, and e-wallets.

2. Choose Your Room

There are three different game rooms to choose from, and each has its own strengths and limits on how much you can bet in Rupees. Choose the room that fits your needs and money the best.

The maximum bet in the Joy Room is between 0.10 and 10, while the maximum bet in the Regall’s Room is between 1 and 80. The most you can bet in the VIP Room is INR 100-100.

3. Start the Game: Pick Your Guns!

Once you’ve chosen your room style, you can either sign in or make a new account. Then you have to put money into your account. Once you’ve done all of these things, you’re finally ready to play. So, choose the amount you want to bet and start shooting.

4. Aim for the Target

Dinosaur Tycoon By JILI Payout

To play this game, you have to aim and shoot at the creature and other things that walk through the screen. Also, it’s important to remember that each target pays out a different amount, so be smart about which one you choose to shoot.

5. Get your prize money

Also, money will be added to your budget for every target you successfully stun or shoot. When you’re done playing, it’s easy to go back to the game room, where all of your wins will be waiting for you.

Final Thoughts of Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI

Overall, Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI is a great option for those seeking real cash games with the potential to win money.

Moreover, its blend of shooting and slot game elements creates an engaging experience, complete with impressive visuals and an intuitive user interface.

Notably, Dinosaur Tycoon stands out from other online money games due to its diverse features, such as Auto Hunting and Meteor Burst, which offer players multiple ways to boost their payouts.

Additionally, with a range of challenging creatures to defeat, Dinosaur Tycoon is an exciting casino game that offers the chance for big rewards.

For Indian players seeking a comprehensive and enjoyable gaming experience, Dinosaur Tycoon is a top choice. So, play now to immerse yourself in the prehistoric world and win real money! Let’s play with 7Cric!

FAQs – Dinosaur Tycoon

Are you curious about how to play Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI? Alternatively, do you have any questions about the game’s features and payouts? If so, this section provides answers to some of the most common questions about Dinosaur Tycoon.

1. How do I win the prize in JILI’s Dinosaur Tycoon?

In Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI, there are two ways to win maximum prize: by shooting the Golden Mammoth or the Golden T-Rex. Moreover, the Golden T-Rex has the potential to offer a greater prize, with its value able to increase by up to 1500x.

2. How do I win prizes in JILI’s Dinosaur Tycoon?

Dinosaur Tycoon by JILI is a game where you can shoot dinosaurs and other animals to win prizes. Additionally, each critter pays out at a different rate, and the rate goes up as the bet goes up.

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