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We are going to try to make it clear that it is a smartphone or also called a smartphone (smartphone in English) and its characteristics. At the end we leave you a video where the main mistakes when buying a SmartPhone are explained. SmartPhone is a commercial term for a mobile phone that offers more features than a  regular mobile phone  . The most important feature (one of them) of all smartphones is that they allow the installation of programs to increase their possibilities, such as data processing and connectivity or internet. These applications may be developed by the device manufacturer, by the operator, or by a third party. Another feature of all smartphones is having a camera with many megapixels, with a front and rear camera to have the possibility of taking the famous selfies. In short, these phones are, in addition to a phone to make calls, a mini computer or pocket computer. The term ” Smart ” refers to any interface, such as a miniature QWERTY keyboard, a  touch screen  (most commonly, being called in this case a “touch mobile phone”), or simply the  mobile operating system  that it has, differentiating its use by a unique arrangement of menus, keys, shortcuts, etc.  Full email support is an indispensable feature found on all existing models. Almost all smartphones also allow the user to install additional software, usually even from third parties, but some vendors like to brand their phones as smartphones even when they don’t have that feature. Another feature of these phones is the ability to increase the storage memory using additional memory cards. Some examples of so-called smartphones are: Motorola MOTO Q series, Nokia E series and N series, BlackBerry, Samsung Wave, iPhone and all those with the Android operating system, such as: Google Nexus One, Motorola Milestone and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

Characteristics of a SmartPhone

– Of course, it allows you to make phone calls. – Supports email and the possibility of connecting to social networks. – It has GPS. – Allow the installation of third-party programs. – Use any interface for data entry, such as QWERTY keyboard, touch screen. Wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi. – They have a digital agenda, contact management. – Allow you to read documents in different formats, including PDFs and Microsoft Office files. – Must have a mobile operating system. In this link you can know them all:  Mobile Operating Systems . – Possess external memories such as microSD. – Rear and front camera with many megapixels. – Wireless synchronization with other devices, such as laptops or desktop computers. – With a smartphone you can do everything at the same time, or what is the same  are multitasking . This is that you can receive calls, check your schedule while you watch some videos in Media Player, or while you synchronize your device with others, and all this without having to interrupt any of the tasks, so as not to go so far, it is the same thing that is done On your computer, you open windows and they all work at the same time and not like on a conventional phone where if you are going to check your schedule you have to stop listening to music to do so. Among the characteristics mentioned are its excellent access and connectivity to the Internet, its support of email clients, the efficient administration of our data and contacts, installing programs through which the user can expand the capabilities and functionalities of the equipment, among others. They not only serve as a communication device, but are also a complete personal organizer. If you are one of those users who require a portable tool that allows you to perform various tasks similar to those that can be carried out on a PC, as well as communicate, then you will surely need a Smartphone. On the other hand, the Smartphone offers the possibility of reading files in various formats according to the previously installed applications, including the best-known office suites, such as Microsoft Office. Regarding its design, Smartphones generally have a significantly larger size than a conventional mobile phone. This is due to the need to incorporate certain special features such as Qwerty-type keyboards, larger high-definition touch screens, among others. . If the Smartphone has a very large screen, it is usually called  a Phablet , intermediate between a mobile and a Tablet. If you want to buy a good smartphone at a very good price, we have searched among several Smartphones, we recommend you by the evaluations of the buyers and its price, this one that is on Amazon at €199 (it is on sale). Look at the 5-star user rating, they are almost all very good. OnePlus 6T 16.3 cm (6.41″) 6 GB 128 GB Dual SIM 4G Black 3700 mAh – Smartphone (16.3 cm (6.41″), 6 GB, 128 GB, 16 MP, Oxygen OS, Black) Today after From the success of smartphones we already have  Smart TVs  or smart televisions. Here we leave you the parts of a type of SmartPhone, specifically the iPhone:


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