General Care so that your Jewelery Remains Shiny for Longer

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Put on jewelry AFTER using beauty products . As much as possible, avoid coming into contact with spray products, perfumes, cosmetics or creams that can leave residues or create abrasions.

Do not use cleaning products with your jewelry on . Just like cosmetics, cleaning products contain chemicals that can damage the shine and integrity of precious metals and stones. Ammonia, tincture of iodine, and mercury are three substances that are especially dangerous for some metals.In summer, we all love to bathe in the sea or relax in the jacuzzi, but make sure you don’t wear your jewelry.

If you are going to play sports, leave your jewelry at home . Sweat is acidic and can damage metals. In addition, you will avoid blows that damage the metal or weaken the settings, which in the long run could cause the stones to be lost.

Clean them properly.  We recommend that you make it a habit to clean them every time you use them, simply by wiping them with a cotton cloth to remove fingerprints, grease and dust. You can review  our jewelry cleaning guide  if you need more detailed information for each type of metal.

Keep them in the jewelry box and well protected.  You have to keep in mind that gold is a soft metal that scratches easily, and having your jewelry organized will make it look like it was recently bought for much longer.

Some advices:

JEWELRY WITH DIAMONDS. Diamonds scratch all metals. Keep all diamond jewelry separate from the rest, if possible, in a velvet bag or in its original jewelry box.

CHAINS. To avoid tangling, store closed and wrapped (tissue paper is fine)TO AVOID RUST. You can put an envelope of anti-humidity balls in the jewelry box to create an environment that is as less corrosive as possible.

Periodically examine the clasps.  on chains and bracelets to make sure they don’t open.

Be careful with the pearls. Pearls are especially sensitive to contact with chemicals. Always put them on once you have finished putting on spray products, perfumes and makeup. To learn more about its care, you can visit our cleaning guide.


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