5 tips to enjoy your favorite game from your smartphone. The celebration of  Gamer ‘s Day  started in 2008, when video game magazines decided to celebrate the date because “an event like this was needed” to claim the video game as a cultural work. Finally, this day  was made a reality, something that was very well received by users.  Currently  mobile gaming  is already a reality. Day by day, smartphones are perfected in this area so that gamers  can  enjoy the video games we like the most from our mobile phone. Therefore, we share some tips to start enjoying your favorite game from your smartphone.

  1. Play on a big screen

It is important to have a good screen on your smartphone in order to have better precision when playing. If you are going to choose a new cell phone, we recommend choosing a  motorola edge  that has a 90 Hz screen that will allow you to play more precisely, thanks to the high refresh rate, which makes the content update faster . So you will enjoy and take advantage of your video games.

  1. Play using Gametime

Thanks to this function, which has equipment such as the motorola edge  and the members of the  motorola one fusion family  under the name of moto gametime, for example, you can optimize your equipment to have the best performance when playing and, in addition, avoid distractions muting notifications you receive while in a game.

  1. Take care of the brightness of the screen

To get the most out of the screen it is important that the brightness is correctly configured, this will not only help you make sure you do not lose any detail but also so that your eyes do not get too tired and you can enjoy more time playing. In the moto gametime settings  you can configure that the screen brightness does not adjust automatically while you play, that will allow you to adjust it to your liking during the game.

  1. Make sure to optimize the sound

Sound is one of the most important features when playing the game, whether it’s to hear the footsteps of your rivals or know what skills they used. The sound will give you a lot of information, so having it correctly configured is very important. On phones like the  motorola edge  or the new motorola one fusion family, for example, from the notification bar you can access the  Moto Audio  settings to optimize your profiles according to your needs and tastes when playing.

  1. Take advantage of the triggers

If you have a  motorola  edge , thanks to its curved screen you will be able to use the triggers that are configured with the  moto gametime. Once inside your game, you simply have to click on the  gametime icon, then on the “L/R” icon and simply arrange the buttons on the screen so that when you press the triggers on the edge of the screen they activate the corresponding actions. To reach a high performance level in any area, time, discipline and dedication are necessary, and the world of  gaming  is no exception. Start with these tips to enjoy your favorite video games from your smartphone. Information extracted from: ” “

Daniel J. Brown

Daniel J. Brown (Editor-in-Chief) is a recently retired data analyst who gets a kick out of reading and writing the news. He enjoys good music, great food, and sports, with a slant towards Southern college football, basketball and professional baseball.

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