Although the internal storage of mobile phones is increasing, it is still limited depending on  what uses and needs . In this special, we are going to tell you what we can do to save as much storage space as possible on our device. So that you never want to play that other game. Each element that we include in our mobile counts. Every photo we download in our friends’ WhatsApp  group  , every song we listen to on Spotify and whose cache remains stored, every video we make on one of our trips… Day by day, the free space on our phone is dwindling. Sooner rather than later if it is a model from past years and you have a  few gigabytes of space. That is why it is necessary to make some movements in this direction, eliminate what is left over and we do not want… In short, give our mobile a review and  leave it as new .

Synchronize your image folders with Google Photos

The Google app offers unlimited storage (with original size reduction) for free. Why not use it? When we open the app, at the top, we have the ‘Library’ tab. If we access it, we will see the folders on our phone. Well then, the ones that we want to be uploaded to the cloud must be  activated through the cloud icon , as shown in the following screenshot. Once activated, we are going to  delete the photos from our device . They will still be in the cloud, so we don’t have to fear for their loss. To do this, we access the ‘Library’ tab, then ‘Utilities’ and, finally, ‘Free up space’.

Remove duplicate, outdated, or no longer used files with Files by Google

The Google ecosystem, as we have seen, has very useful applications. One of them is Files. With this tool, we will be  able to delete obsolete files that we no longer use, that take up a lot of space and, best of all, it can be done automatically. You can download it for free from  this link .

One of the biggest culprits for our mobile being filled with useless elements:

WhatsApp groups. By default, WhatsApp is a strainer through which  all kinds of images and videos enter  without our requesting it. It is enough that they send them to us so that they reach us. To avoid this and that we are the ones who decide what to download, we are going to do the following:  We enter ‘Settings’, ‘Data and storage’ and ‘ Automatic download ‘. Here we will select ‘No file’ in the three options, ‘Download with mobile data’, ‘Download with Wi-Fi’ and ‘In data roaming’. Information extracted from ” AntonioJ “

Daniel J. Brown

Daniel J. Brown (Editor-in-Chief) is a recently retired data analyst who gets a kick out of reading and writing the news. He enjoys good music, great food, and sports, with a slant towards Southern college football, basketball and professional baseball.

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