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Casino terms are any terms that are associated with the gambling scene. Nowadays, the genre of real money games has already grown so fast. So, if you are new here, it might be confusing.

Are you a real cash game enthusiast? Are you an online casino player based in India? Well, 7Cric is here to explain the most common casino terms you should understand.

With such a broad genre, it will take time to try each game and understand all the terms. So, here’s a compilation of the terms used in the casino world, which are mostly used in real cash games.

A Glossary of Casino Terms: The A-Z of Real Cash Games

Casino Terms

Real Cash Games are types of games that require a combination of luck and strategy. Regardless of the game you play, online casinos are becoming increasingly popular.

This is because there are many casino games that allow you to earn money online. If you are a real cash games enthusiast, you should understand some commonly used terms, as listed below:

1. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘A’

  • Action: The amount of money wagered by a player during an entire playing session.
  • All-in: A player bets all of his or her remaining chips.
  • Andar Bahar: A popular Indian betting game, which is also offered by many online casinos.
  • Ante: A forced bet in some types of poker where all players must put an equal amount into the pot before the deal begins.

2. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘B’

  • Bankroll: The total amount of money that a player has to gamble with.
  • Blackjack: A popular card game where the aim is to beat the dealer by getting a hand total as close to 21 without going over.
  • Bet: The money placed on the outcome of a game.
  • Betting Limit: The maximum and minimum amounts a player can wager in one bet.
  • Blinds: Forced bets in poker before the cards are dealt.
  • Blind Player: In Teen Patti, a blind player is one who hasn’t seen his/her cards. They play bets off the top, compared to ‘seen’ players who have looked at their cards.
  • Boot: This is the minimum stake that is put into the pot before the start of a game of Teen Patti.
  • Bollywood Casino: Online casinos using Bollywood themes or featuring games with a similar theme.
  • Burn Card: The card removed from the top of the deck, not in play.
  • Bust: When a player or dealer’s hand exceeds 21 in blackjack, they have ‘bust’.

3. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘C’

  • Call: In poker, a player would ‘call’ to match the current bet.
  • Card Shark/Card Sharp: An expert card player.
  • Cash Out: To exchange chips for cash when leaving a game.
  • Chips: Tokens used in place of cash to play casino games.
  • Cold Streak: A prolonged period of loss or bad luck in a game.
  • Comps: Freebies offered by the casino to encourage betting.
  • Craps: A dice game in which players bet on the outcome of the roll.
  • Croupier: The dealer at a gambling table.
  • Cut Card: A plastic card used to cut the deck after shuffling.

4. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘D’

  • Dealer: The person who deals the cards at a casino table game.
  • Desi: A term referring to something derived from the Indian subcontinent. You might come across terms like “Desi Casino Games”.
  • Deposit: Money added to an online casino account.
  • Double Down: A blackjack move that allows you to double your bet and receive one more card only.

5. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘E’

  • Edge: The casino’s advantage over the player in any game.
  • Even Money Bet: A wager with 1:1 odds.

6. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘F’

  • Face Cards: The Jack, Queen, and King of any suit in a deck of cards.
  • Fish: A term for a player who is not very good or easy to win money from.
  • Flop: In poker, the first three community cards that are dealt all at once.
  • Flush: In Teen Patti, a flush (also known as a color) is a hand of three cards of the same suit, but not in sequence.
  • Fold: In poker, to give up on the hand.
  • Free Spins: Free turns given in online slot games.
  • Full House: A poker hand consisting of a three of a kind and a pair.

7. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘G’

  • Gambler’s Fallacy: The mistaken belief that if something happens more frequently than normal during a certain period, it will happen less frequently in the future.
  • Grind: This term is used to describe a player who plays for small amounts of money over a long period of time, hoping to slowly build up their bankroll.
  • Guaranteed Tournament: In poker, a tournament in which the prize pool is guaranteed to be at least a certain amount, regardless of the number of entrants.

8. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘H’

  • High Roller: A player who bets large amounts of money.
  • House: Another term for the casino.
  • Hit: To take another card in blackjack.
  • Hole Card: The dealer’s unseen card in blackjack.
  • Hot Streak: A run of good luck or winnings.
  • House Edge: The mathematical advantage the casino has over the players.

9. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘I’

  • Impure Sequence: In Indian Rummy, an impure sequence is a group of three or more cards of the same suit with one or more Joker cards used.
  • Indian Rummy: A popular card game in India available on many online platforms.
  • Insurance: In blackjack, a side bet that the player can make when the dealer’s first card is an ace.

10. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘J’

  • Jackpot: The biggest prize a player can win from a certain game or slot machine.
  • Jaldi Five: A bingo term where a player tries to get five numbers in one ticket as quickly as possible.
  • Joker: In Indian Rummy, one card is randomly selected at the beginning of the game to serve as the Joker.

11. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘K’

  • Katti: Another name for the game of Andar Bahar.
  • Kicker: In poker, a hand containing four cards of the same rank.

12. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘L’

  • Lay Odds: Extra odds bet against the dice in craps.
  • Live Dealer: Casino games run by a real dealer, streamed online.
  • Lobby: The main directory or page in an online casino where players can find and select games to play.
  • Loose Machine: A slot machine that is perceived to award payouts at a higher rate.
  • Lotto: A gambling game with the drawing of numbers for a prize.

13. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘M’

  • Martingale: A betting system where the player doubles their bet after every loss.
  • Multiplier: A feature in slots games where winnings can be multiplied by a specified amount.
  • Muck: In poker, it refers to the pile of discarded cards. To muck can also mean to fold.

14. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘N’

  • Natural: In blackjack, a two-card hand of 21 points.
  • No-deposit Bonus: A bonus offered by online casinos where players don’t need to deposit their own money to claim it.

15. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘O’

  • Odds: The chances of a particular outcome occurring.
  • Offsuit: In poker, cards that are not of the same suit.
  • Over/Under: A bet on whether the actual total will be over or under the estimated total.
  • Outside Bets: In roulette, these are bets placed on the outer area of the board, like red/black or odd/even.

16. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘P’

  • Pair: Two cards of the same rank.
  • Patti: A common term used in the three-card poker game in India, also known as Teen Patti.
  • Pay Table: A chart that shows the winning combinations and payout for a game.
  • Payout: The winnings a casino pays out to a player.
  • PayTM: A very popular digital payment method in India. Many online casinos in India offer PayTM as a payment option.
  • Poker: A card game where players bet on the value of their hand.
  • Pot: The total money bet in a round of poker.
  • Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot that grows as people play the game.
  • Pure Sequence: In Indian Rummy, a pure sequence is a group of three or more cards of the same suit, arranged in consecutive order.
  • Push: A tie between the player and dealer, no money is lost or won.

17. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘Q’

  • Quads: In poker, a hand containing four cards of the same rank.
  • Quint: A five-unit bet.
  • Qualifier: In poker, the minimum hand that is necessary to win a round.

18. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘R’

  • Raise: To increase the size of the current bet in poker.
  • Rake: The commission taken by the house (casino) in a poker game.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): A system used to ensure game outcomes are random.
  • Reels: The spinning symbols that appear on the front of the slot machine.
  • Reload Bonus: A bonus for customers who have already made a deposit.
  • Roulette: A game in which a small ball is spun on a dish with numbered compartments.
  • Royal Flush: The highest hand in poker, a ten to ace straight of the same suit.
  • Rummy: A group of matching-card games, popular in India, for two to six players.
  • Rupay Cards: India’s own card payment network similar to Visa and MasterCard. Some online casinos in India accept Rupay Cards.

19. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘S’

  • Scatter: A symbol in slots that can award prizes without appearing on a pay line.
  • Shoe: A device used to hold multiple decks of cards, typically used in blackjack.
  • Show: In Teen Patti, when only two players are remaining, one player may decide to ‘show’ their cards.
  • Sideshow: Also known as a back-show or compromise, this is a move in Teen Patti where if you’ve seen your cards, you can ask your immediate active player (who has also seen his cards) for a sideshow.
  • Split: In blackjack, when a player separates their two identical cards into two hands.
  • Stand: To not take any more cards in a game of blackjack.
  • Straight: A hand in poker with 5 consecutive cards of any suit.
  • Suit: The four categories in a deck of cards – hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades.
  • Surrender: To give up and lose half the bet after the first two cards are dealt in blackjack.

20. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘T’

  • Tabla: A term used in Indian Bingo, similar to Jaldi Five, but the player attempts to get all the numbers in one ticket.
  • Table Games: Casino games played on a table, usually with a dealer.
  • Teen Patti: A three-card poker game that originated in India and is very popular. It is offered in many online casinos targeting Indian customers.
  • Tell: A physical reaction, behavior, or habit that gives other players more information about your hand.
  • Three of a Kind: A poker hand with three cards of the same rank.
  • Tight: A player who does not gamble much.

21. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘U’

  • Underdog: A person or team that is expected to lose a particular game or event.
  • UPI: Short for Unified Payments Interface, a real-time payment system in India. It is commonly used for transactions in Indian online casinos.

22. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘V’

  • VIP: A high roller or a player that gambles often/big amounts. Casinos often provide them with special perks and bonuses.
  • Vigorish (or Vig): The commission taken by the house; also known as the house edge.

23. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘W’

  • Wager: Another term for a bet.
  • Wild: In slots, a symbol that can substitute for most or all others to create a winning combination.
  • Whale: An extremely high-stakes gambler.

24. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘X’

  • X-factor: The unknown element that could influence the outcome of a bet.
  • X of a Kind: In poker or video poker, refers to having X number of cards of the same rank, like “four of a kind”.

25. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘Y’

  • Yield: Similar to ‘return’, the amount of money a player receives back from a bet.
  • Yo (or Yo-leven): In craps, a slang term for rolling an eleven.

26. Casino Terms Beginning with ‘Z’

  • Zero: In roulette, zero (0) and double zero (00) are the numbers where the house gets its edge. If the ball lands in these pockets, all outside bets are lost.
  • Zilch: Slang for zero or nothing, often used to refer to a losing bet or a player who’s having a run of bad luck.

FAQ – Common Terms

Any real cash games enthusiast should have a deep understanding of casino terms, even when playing in an online version. To make it clear, consider the following frequently asked question.

1. What is the 7 in a casino?

The number seven holds significance in casinos and gambling. It’s considered lucky and associated with winning in various games and cultures.

2. What is the best form of gambling?

The slots game offers a fast pace of real cash gaming, while poker and other table games are quite challenging.

3. Which is best online casino in India?

Well, 7Cric is a leading online casino in India that brings you a wide range of online real cash games. Let’s play a real money game with us!

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