The U.S.-China race to the moon is getting fiercer, NASA administrator warns: China may claim lunar territory

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The race between the US and China to land on the moon is intensifying, and in 2 years it may be decided who wins, but the new year seems to start with bashing the opponent. In an interview with “Politico”, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson directly warned that in order to win the game, China may establish territory on the moon and control areas rich in mineral resources, and even prevent other countries from traveling to the moon.

In 2022, NASA will launch the SLS rocket and complete the 26-day Artemis I (Artemis I) mission around the moon; at the same time, China will build its own space station and complete the mission of orbiting the moon and sampling, and plans to establish one near the south pole of the moon in 2025 Lunar Research Station, published a vision to send astronauts to the moon within 10 years.

In terms of space exploration, it has obviously evolved into a competition between the United States and China.

In an interview with Politico, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said that referring to China’s ambition to establish a military base directly in the Spratly Islands to claim territorial rights, as the country explores the moon further, it is likely to also claim to “own” the resource-rich regions of the moon .

Top U.S. military officials have also sounded the alarm over security concerns over China’s militarization of space. China has successfully launched orbiters, landers, lunar rovers, and Mars rovers to the moon and Mars in just a few years. It can be said that China has made great progress in the space field in the past 10 years. The progress is faster than expected, and it is entirely possible Catch up and surpass America.

However, when responding to Politico, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, Liu Pengyu, denied the United States’ motives for China’s promotion of space exploration.

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