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Taiwan Top 10 News Events, “International Top 10 News Events”, and “Top 10 News Figures”, leading readers to quickly review the major news events in this year and characters.

Top Ten News Events in Taiwan

After a high-intensity anti-epidemic life, Taiwan’s borders were finally opened this year, and the command center announced the relaxation of the mask ban, entering a new life of coexistence with the virus and returning to normal, so it topped the list; last year’s best-selling anti-epidemic insurance, also due to the surge in the number of confirmed cases this year, The insurance company suffered heavy losses, which once affected the financial order and ranked 10th on the list. The just-concluded nine-in-one election also attracted much attention, ranking No. 2. The plagiarism case, which was fiercely offensive and defensive before the election, affected the situation of the election, and the aftermath was rippling after the election. Politicians are all stripped of their master’s degrees, ranking ninth. Pelosi’s whirlwind visit to Taiwan and the CCP’s large-scale military exercises have triggered tensions across the Taiwan Strait, ranking third on the list. The world is facing the impact of high inflation, and the Russia-Ukraine war has made the situation worse. The US Federal Reserve has frequently raised interest rates this year, and the central bank has raised interest rates three times so far. This has impacted the buying momentum of the domestic real estate market and affected the rising prices of people’s livelihood, ranking fifth. . In addition, the “Cambodian work fraud” that shocked the society caused hundreds of people to be defrauded, the 303 blackout caused nearly 5.5 million households in Taiwan to lose power, and the 918 earthquake and Tainan police murder case also became the focus of hot discussion this year, ranking fourth respectively. , 6, 7, 8.

Top Ten International News Events

The largest Russo-Ukrainian war in Europe since World War II has seriously affected the global economic and political situation, so it topped the list. The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the assassination of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a few days ago shocked the world political circles, ranking 2nd and 3rd respectively. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has come to an end and Xi’s army has taken full power, and cross-strait relations have become increasingly tense, ranking fourth. Immediately after the “Xi Xi meeting”, the United States and China each expressed their policies towards Taiwan and the promulgation of the chip ban, which made the relationship between the United States and China turbulent, ranking 6th and 8th on the list. Both the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike and the collapse of FTX have shaken the global financial market. The former shows that people’s livelihood inflation continues to rise, while the latter caused huge losses to investors, ranking 8th and 9th in the rankings respectively. As the global epidemic slows down, the changes to the new life after the unblocking have also become the focus of attention, including the first Halloween event after the unblocking of the epidemic in South Korea, which caused the Itaewon stampede tragedy to shock the world and ignite public grievances, ranking fifth; Since February, Europe and the United States have successively lifted mask orders, relaxed epidemic prevention measures, and unsealed borders. In addition, the unseal of Taiwan’s borders and welcoming tourism business opportunities in the post-epidemic era have squeezed into the list, ranking 10th.

Top 10 Newsmakers

The two key figures in the Russo-Ukrainian war both entered the list. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has transformed from a comedian to the leader of the War of Resistance, topped the list, while Russian President Vladimir Putin, who ignited the war, ranked fifth. The British royal family has experienced 15 British prime ministers, Queen Elizabeth II, who has been in power for more than 70 years, and former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has been promoting Japan-Taiwan friendship, have passed away one after another, shocking the world and ranking second , 9 people. The dynamics of the United States and China, which constantly affect the development of the global political and economic situation, have attracted much attention. The No. 3 figure in the U.S. political arena and former Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi visited Taiwan for 19 hours and ranked No. 3; Xi Jinping successfully re-elected No. 1 at the 20th CPC Congress The three-term term and the white paper revolution that broke out due to the outbreak of the epidemic also attracted high attention, ranking sixth; the Democratic Party to which US President Biden belongs successfully won 50 seats in the mid-term election and became a relative majority, successfully retaining the Senate, which also illuminated Biden’s re-election campaign ranks seventh. The world’s richest man, Musk, took over Twitter and carried out drastic reforms, and his sharp style also made it to the list, ranking 8th. In China, Chen Shizhong, who was defeated in the election, and Gao Hongan, who was elected, respectively entered the list symbolizing the two emotions of the nine-in-one election, ranking 4th and 10th respectively.

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