Taiwan University’s second wave of “Science and Technology God Cultivation Internship Program”, no nationality is required to recruit talents and welcome Web3

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In order to meet the new wave of Web3 technology, Taiwan Mobile announced that it will extend its tentacles of talent recruitment to the world, and will launch the second wave of Taiwan University’s “Technology Master Cultivation Internship Program” in January 2023. The interns are not limited to nationality and internship time. Winter and summer vacations, work locations are not limited to online or physical, three flexible and flexible cultivation environments, provide about 100 students with IT potential without self-limitation each year Internship opportunities, through complete professional training, become IT seeds and guide Web3 The technological elite of the new era.

Taiwan University’s “Technology Master Cultivation Internship Program” will launch the first wave of recruitment in July 2022, and cultivate dozens of IT seeds in three months. 90 days of intensive training, Taiwan University provides internship content including system and game development, data modeling, web page testing, program development and maintenance, etc., to cultivate the ability to connect with the workplace.

Cai Qiyan, Chief Information Officer of Taiwan Mobile University, said that through IT R&D and maintenance operations, the improvement of operational efficiency is accelerated, and at the same time, the synergy of the group is linked to expand the application of innovative services. The IT team has become an important engine for Taiwan Mobile’s innovation. Taiwan University cherishes talents, respects the thinking of talents, and looks for excellent talents in computer science, data science, digital marketing, etc., and does not limit winter and summer vacations, and does not limit nationality. Currently, CET Academic Programs has cooperated with students from well-known American universities to join, and will cooperate with them in the future A well-known university in Vietnam and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University have cooperated to recruit overseas students from all over the world to join the telecom technology group, expanding to recruit talents around the world. Under the new super 5G era, Taiwan University will use Taiwan as its base to expand its layout in Southeast Asia and grasp the new business opportunities of the Web3 technology wave. .

In addition to the intern program, Taiwan University also launched the “HIPO Quick March” recruitment program, seeking high potential (HIPO) program development and data science professionals with the courage to accept challenges, with senior executives serving as mentors. Carry out complete training, provide market-competitive salaries and talent retention incentives, claiming that a million-dollar annual salary is not a dream.

Taiwan University pointed out that for outstanding talents, the company also proposes corresponding rewards and benefits. In addition to the annual salary of ordinary employees, which can reach more than 18 months, this year, the starting salary and annual salary adjustment rate will be raised simultaneously, and various projects will be deployed in advance. welfare measures. Since 2006, it has been the first in the domestic telecommunications industry, taking the lead in implementing employee shareholding trusts. Employees’ monthly salary quotas are allocated, and the company relatively allocates the same amount. This year, it has even launched employee trust shareholding 2.0.

In terms of employee care, Taiwan University has increased employee maternity and childcare subsidies since this year. Maternity leave has been increased from 8 weeks to 10 weeks. Maternity and childcare subsidies can receive up to 120,000 yuan, which is better than the industry standard. During the epidemic, all colleagues will be guaranteed insurance Epidemic prevention insurance, and implement the flexible commute system, provide multiple flexible working hours, and also promote the mixed work mode that was seen in the past start-up companies. Combining the thinking of distance and diversion, employees can apply for home work 10 days a month .

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