Stunning discovery may change US military forever

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In a huge breakthrough, scientists have developed a graphene-based material that could stop bullets and be used for armor.

Scientists may have just come up with a way to save an incredible amount of people thanks to an incredible technology known as graphene sheets. Researchers think they’ve found a way to make a bulletproof graphene that would allow them to create lightweight protective vests for police officers and soldiers.

This huge breakthrough was made possible by using two graphene layers to create this new materials, which is soft and light but incredibly strong, able to stop a speeding bullet or other objects. The material is as thin as aluminum foil, but once put under pressure it becomes very hard and rigid, so it could be adapted for a number of uses.

THe findings were published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology by scientists from City University of New York’s Advanced Science Research Center. They were able to create it first in computer simulations before using an atomic force microscope to pressurize the graphene layers.

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