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For a cool $40 million, you may soon be able to stay at a luxury hotel docked at the International Space Station.

Russia sure has one crazy plan for the International Space Station, hoping to install a luxury hotel there, if you can believe it. Chatter about space tourism has certainly grown in recent years, and it’s something many companies are actively exploring, but Russia is actually planning to go forward with a luxury orbital suite that could be parked at the ISS.

The suite would have private cabins with large windows, personal hygiene facilities, and even Wi-Fi connection. Space tourists would be able to drop by the ISS, view the Earth from 250 miles above the surface, and even possibly go on a spacewalk with a cosmonaut, as reported by Popular Mechanics.

It’s something only the ultra-rich will get to experience, as it will cost $40 million per person to go for a one- to two-week trip, and if you want a spacewalk and month-long stay you’ll have to pony up another $20 million. Roskosmos State Corporation is reviewing a business plan that would involve this luxury cabin, which would involve a 20-ton module stretching 15.5 meters with 92 cubic meters of pressurized space.

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