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Recently, I started a new two-person co-hosting unit in the Podcast of ” Efficient Life Business School ” with Teacher Yincheng . “Foreign New Books and New Knowledge” chat book unit . Friends who are interested can listen to: ” International New Book | “The Most Important: Overcome Distraction and Live More Sense of Life” (Author: Joshua Becker) “.

In such a unit, we will introduce an excerpt of a new foreign book , talk about the author’s background, the key points of the book, and bring out the views and experiences of Mr. Yincheng and me based on several key knowledge in the book. This unit is not to the extent of in-depth analysis of a book. It is more like an introduction to a topic, bringing you to know the author and this good book, and then our two hosts’ own analysis of this topic.

And this information comes from our recent cooperation with the “Kono Summit” service. This article also recommends this app to everyone, and provides a reference for interested friends.


Kono believes that many friends of computer toys know that Kono has always been an e-reading service platform including Chinese and foreign magazines.

The ” Kono Summit App ” is a “listening to book excerpts” service launched by them. Through about 15-20 minutes of excerpts of a book, it helps us quickly obtain book information and quickly grasp some key knowledge in the book.

Interestingly, however, his excerpt has several features:

  • book selection:
    • Real people choose foreign new books and bestsellers, and users can also participate in the book selection, and the themes of the current book selection revolve around the learning fields of workplace skills, self-growth, and business trends (similar to my own preferences).
  • English audio books:
    • Make an English excerpt of a book through a real person editor, and find a professional teacher to record the voice and read the English excerpt to the user. You can learn new knowledge and practice English listening at the same time.
  • Excerpt from Chinese-English bilingual book:
    • In addition to English book excerpts written by professionals, it also provides Chinese translations also completed by professionals, so that you can compare the content of Chinese and English book excerpts at any time. (The voice reading version is only in English, no Chinese version)

Of course, if you really want to understand a theory or a book in depth, only the book summary is not enough, and there may even be some misunderstandings. However, “Kono Summit App” can also provide a friend who is interested in reading foreign language books, a channel for book selection.

”  Kono Summit App  ” may be more suitable for friends who “want to absorb some new knowledge of European and American business management books at the same time, and practice English listening” , then listen to the content of many best-selling books every month (Looking at) a book, instead of searching aimlessly on the Internet, may also be a more focused way of reading.

I have also introduced many book excerpt services, digital reading tools, and book reading tools in the computer toys before. Friends who are interested can refer to:

  • Chinese class:
    • Use listening to books to develop a reading habit that doubles in efficiency: the method of reading and taking notes that combines listening, speaking, reading and writing
    • Convert articles and papers to e-books, use Google Play Books to listen to reading and notes for free
    • HyRead Online Borrowing of e-books from Taiwan Libraries, Illustration of Reading and Borrowing Rules
  • English class
    • Standard Ebooks remakes e-books of English masterpieces for book lovers, free downloads to various e-book services
    • BookStash Free book excerpt reading in fragmented time, 3 minutes to read a classic book argument
  • Children
    • Google read along Free children’s story English reading practice, AI teacher teaches pronunciation
    • Storyline Online’s well-known actors teach you to read children’s books to children, completely free!

In the ”  Kono Summit App  “ , click on an excerpt of a book you are interested in, and you will enter the listening and reading mode. You can simply read the excerpts in Chinese and English, or you can turn on the “listening” mode.

At this time, it will play an English reading by a special person, and at the same time display the content of the book excerpt in Chinese and English. You can also click on the content of the book excerpt to “quick jump” or “relisten” to a certain paragraph.

We can simply listen to it as a podcast. It can also be used to practice English listening and reading through the above-mentioned Chinese-English comparison.

In addition, in addition to the excerpts of books already on the shelves, the “Kono Summit App” also has a “New Book Voting Area”, which allows users to vote for books they are interested in, or recommend books that are not on the shelf but are interested in reading their excerpts .

At present , ”  Kono Summit App “ is a subscription-based service. After the trial period, a monthly subscription fee of 200 yuan is required. However, seeing its real-life reading, translation, and book excerpt services is also a good channel for information filtering and selection.

Provide references to friends who are interested.

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