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You need a digital product that will upscale your business and will elevate the entire ecosystem altogether as well. We understand, and we know how difficult building an entire strategy from scratch can be. We assume you have researched enough but nonetheless – the figures for consumers who are into reading books on their smartphone or anywhere digitally is worth noticing.

We saw that the publishing industry generally ended up with $26 billion in revenue during the pandemic, and out of every six books, one was an ebook. And despite the much controversial discourse around which sort of book type is better, the hype for ebooks remains as strong as ever.

Any custom software development company is ready to take an ebook related project onboard and move forward with the idea. The aftermath results are incredible. Keep reading as we disclose what you need to create an ebook affiliated app.

Features to Include

The features you decide to include in your app should be dictated by what your audience requires and how well the selected features help them in terms of navigating easily. Your app should be seamless and easy to browse through.

Ideally, here is an overview of must-have features for a reading app:

  • Support for all kinds of ebook formats – PDF, TXT, MOBI, AZW, etc.
  • A well-rounded smart search feature
  • Cloud storage where books can be bookmarked and saved for future use
  • Sharable icons through which social media can be easily incorporated
  • The option to highlight important text and change dark/light mode
  • Categorization where each genre of books can be looked at easily

And there are a lot of other features you can incorporate to make the reading experience more comfortable and joyous for consumers. To make your app the preferred choice, how you communicate with the iOS app development company or any other enterprise shall define everything.

Personalized platform

Research shows us that apps are used more frequently and there are chances of better customer retention if personalization is shown. It could be a small gesture. Anything. And 89% of marketers in America state that being particular with the way a platform is shown to consumers leads to an increase in revenue.

In the case of a reading platform, you can include a Suggestions panel similar to Netflix that keeps adapting to user patterns. We recommend moving ahead with a strategy that includes AI. With the help of artificial intelligence and big data as a whole, it will be easier to see how consumers perceive the app and what they would like to see.

Accessible app

The interface should be designed and developed while keeping in mind that everyone will use the app it should be a comfortable experience for all. Users who would have trouble comprehending a certain font are included here. Scale your app with features that would be beneficial to specific users and will help them navigate through it.

Design a different app for iOS users and an entirely different one for Android users. As you seem suitable. And do make sure that you research how accessibility could play a bigger role in the interface and the navigational experience of the app.

Improve user retention by giving special attention to users who have special needs, design accordingly. They should not be left out. It could be something as simple as color contrast or a voice-to-text feature. And you can always contact a custom software development company Houston to include apps for different sort of users.

Include reading progress reports

Here is a fun feature that your users will definitely adore. Everyone wants to be in a competition and feel a sense of achievement. Develop the platform while keeping in mind how statistics will be tracked – the number of books read, the genres, and so much more.

Basically, the user should be able to see a detailed report where everything is in clear numbers. From seeing how long it takes to complete one book to the kind of genres mostly preferred. And there is so much more to think from. Make it easy for users to see how many pages are left and how much time it will take to complete a certain book. Your goal is to make the reading experience easy.

Wanda B. Hewlett

Wanda B. Hewlett (Contributor) is a freelance writer from the UK. When she’s not busy writing she loves to spend her time traveling, exploring and running.

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