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Your computer and mobile phone to protect the security of public network connections

In the past, students often asked me: ” What should I do when the cloud hard drive is full? “ In fact, I have paid for “Google Drive 2TB space” for several years, so I can store all the photos on my mobile phone more freely. , Videos are uploaded to Google Cloud Albums in original resolution (I still think this service is really helpful), and I am not too worried about the usage restrictions of cloud hard disk and Gmail (but if it is like shooting online course videos, it still needs Manage it).

But the early Google Drive (or you can call it a personal Google One paid account), really only has the function of space. Later, in 2018, the Google One paid account also opened the “Family Shared Space” service in Taiwan (reference: Google One Taiwan Open Test, six family members share a Google paid space ) , I can use my 2 TB space for Families also upload photos, videos, emails and files. Only then did I feel that such a space as a paid upgrade is more useful.

Starting from 2022, Google One’s paid service has added many new value-added features. If I take my own 2TB account as an example, it includes:

  • Advanced version of Google Meet (can hold long video, record video, live YouTube, etc.)
  • Google One VPN (can be used on mobile phones and computers)
  • Multiple family members sharing space (the aforementioned function opened in Taiwan in 2018)

These are indeed available services for me. In today’s article, I will share with you how the recently opened Google One VPN in Taiwan can help us protect our online security on mobile phones and computers.

Who can activate Google One VPN?

There are currently several types of account users who can enable Google One VPN services, including:

  • Google One 2TB and above paid space account
    • Software can be installed on Windows and Mac computers
    • App can be installed on Andorid and iOS systems
  • Or users who have purchased Pixel 7 or above mobile phones (this service will be updated to mobile phone accounts in 2022/12)

If you meet the above conditions, you can open the ” Google One VPN website ” and install the corresponding system software to try it out.

Of course, Taiwan is also included in the list of countries where this service is available.

When to use Google One VPN?

What is Google One VPN used for? In a word, it is to protect our Internet connection security.

Functionally, after turning on Google VPN, it can help us “encrypt transmission data” and “cover my IP address”. And this can create several very practical uses:

  • When I take a high-speed rail, stay in a hotel, or sit in a coffee shop, and want to use the public wireless network provided in a public environment, if I turn on Google VPN, I can encrypt and hide my transmission data to avoid being intercepted or leaked.
    • You can use the public network in such an environment with relative peace of mind.
  • When I want to connect to some websites and application services with insufficient security, I turn on Google VPN to avoid being tracked by possible tracking programs to track location and activity data.

I myself often need to use a laptop on the high-speed rail, and I also need to use a laptop and mobile phone to work in a hotel when I am on a business trip or traveling. At this time, such a Google VPN function is really helpful to me.

Daniel J. Brown

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