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I have installed the Google One VPN software on my mobile phone and computer, and have used it for a period of time when needed. My preliminary experience is as follows:

  • Will turning on the VPN limit the speed? Will it affect audio-visual and video usage?

Because the transmission and connection are encrypted through Google One VPN, of course the speed will be affected. But this effect, we may not necessarily feel it.

In my actual test, when I use the wireless network normally at home, the test speed of uploading and uploading is 100MB/300MB. But if you turn on Google One VPN to test, it will become about 100MB/100MB.

“Testing” has an impact, but in actual use, whether it is watching videos, listening to music, or even turning on video at this speed, it can still remain smooth, and there will not even be a big speed change feeling.

Of course, I usually don’t turn on the VPN when using the home network, but only when using the public network and external network.

  • Can I use Google One VPN to limit my IP region and use cross-regional services?

This seems to be one of the needs of many friends who use VPN services now, but Google One VPN has no way to do this, it will automatically assign IP addresses for us, and we cannot manually decide.

Turning on Google One VPN is very simple

On the premise of not affecting the actual speed of use in most cases, the opening of Google One VPN is very simple. Basically, it can be used for real use, so even ordinary users can use it.

Whether it is on a computer, laptop, or mobile phone, after installing the software and logging into the Google account with Google VPN, it can be said that there is only one “open button” that can be operated. Open it when you want to use it, and turn it off when you don’t use it. No need other settings.

If you have a friend who has purchased a paid account with more than 2TB of space on Google One, you may wish to make good use of the value-added function of Google One VPN .

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