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Where To Play Aviator Game? Play At 7Cric • Win ₹100 Daily Bonus

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The most common question about Aviator game slot by SPRIBE is “where to play Aviator game?”. Important to realize, before betting any real money, selecting reputable online casino is a must.

In fact, our online casino – 7Cric, not only provides a wide variety of games. But, also provides an attractive bonuses and promotions, especially for Aviator game, and any other SPRIBE’s games.

How to Claim Aviator Bonus Now?

The application of fair and transparent gaming is the heart of gaming practices, which every player will expect from an online casino. According to 7Cric, who thinks this is the core of gaming practices.

In order to complete those elements, provides bonuses or even promotion is an important issue to be addressed that 7Cric handles.

We try our best to include a suitable site into your overall gaming experience. In addition, 7Cric in collaboration with SPRIBE, provides a 200% Welcome Bonus, and also  a $100 Daily Bonus, that you can claim today.

Please try the steps below to get those wonderful bonuses, and get ready to fly high into the skies with 7Cric right now!

  1. After signing into your 7cric account, choose the “Deposit” tab.
  2. You are required to provide an initial deposit of at least one ₹1000.
  3. Once you finish your first-time deposit, go to “My promotion” tab, look for 200% SPRIBE Aviator Welcome Bonus – Limited Claims Daily and click “Apply”.
  4. Bonus will be secured in your bonus wallet following successful application.
  5. After completing the following given Roll over requirements, the Bonus amount has to be collected through ‘My Promotions’ under the Promotions menu.
  6. Once acquired the bonus amount will be sent to primary wallet as cash.
  • This offer is for Instant Games SPRIBE exclusively

Lets Fly on Aviator Demo Play for Free Now!

Despite the fact that traditional slot machines are overrated, on the other hand, SPRIBE offer to you another option for a real money online casino game, the unusual – Aviator.

Don’t worry, the Aviator demo play mode is completely free at 7Cric – where to play Aviator game into the skies!

Game Info of Aviator
Game Name Aviator
Provider Spribe Gaming
RTP (Payout %) 97.5%
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
out of 1000219 players
Free Spin
Max Win
300% Welcome Bonus up to ₹10,000
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Where To Play Aviator Game and Get a Bonus?

Where to play Aviator game and has a chance to get a bonus? Well, the answer is, at 7Cric – the best online casino in India. We offer an exclusive promo, especially for any SPRIBE’s game, such as Aviator.

1. Newly Registered Player

In the first place to remember, this offer is open to newly registered players who join at our online casino on or after January 1 at 7:00 PM India Standard Time (IST). Obviously this promotion only applied once, per player.

To point out, because of our promo only apply once, duplicate checks will be performed to any players. So, this offer doesn’t take into consideration those who have more than one account.

2. Successfully Deposit for First Time

After you have successfully made your first deposit and have applied the Promotion, the bonus amount will be added to the Bonus Wallet that you have created.

The initial deposit bonus that a player may claim in 7cric is limited to a single occurrence per player. Generally speaking, Welcome Bonus only applied once.

You are not permitted to utilize this offer in combination with any other promotion, nor can it help you become eligible for any other promotion.

3. Bonus Usage Flow

The total amount of both the deposit and the bonus must be bet a total of twenty-five (25) turns, only on SPRIBE’s online casino games, such as Aviator.

Bonus Setting:


Min Deposit Bonus % Max. Bonus Amount RO Time
Bonus Wallet Rs.1,000 200% Rs.15,000 25

One Time


  • Deposit: ₹1,000
  • Bonus: 200%*1,000=₹2,000
  • Roll Over (RO) requirement: (1,000+2,000) *25=₹75,000
  • After placing bets for ₹75,000 the Bonus amount of Rs.2,000 will be transferred to your Main Wallet.

The Bonus remains in the Bonus wallet until the Rollover criteria is met. Once the Rollover criteria has been met, the bonus amount may be accessed under ‘My Promotions’ under the Promotion Tab.

4. Check Your Status

You may check the status of your Rollover under the “My Promotions” section of the offer that you have chosen. Every thirty minutes, the Roll over status will get an update.

5. Cancelation – Void

If the wagering requirements are not met within 14 days of receiving your bonus, the bonus amount will be invalid and you will not be able to use it.

Bets that are void, cancelled, or drawn, as well as bets that are cashed out, do not count against the rollover requirements for either the deposit or the bonus.

7cric retains the right to exclude participants from the promotion in the event that collusion or any other kind of unfair activity occurs.

7cric has the right to change, cancel, reclaim, or deny any promotion at its own discretion.

6. Other Condition

Sports bets must have odds of at least Decimal 1.60/Hong Kong 0.6/Malaysian 0.6/Indonesian -1.66 to be included against deposit and bonus rollover requirements.

7Cric – a Place Where to Play Aviator Game To the Skies

The answer of where to play Aviator game, is always 7Cric. A leading online casino in India, which collaborating with FUN88, one of the well-known established legal casino. Fly with us and get a chance 200% Welcome Bonus, and ₹100 today!

FAQs – Where to Play Aviator Game

A more precise explanation of how to calculate Aviator bankroll was needed for the sake of this article. However, if you’re still feeling confused, maybe this can help:

1. Is Aviator game have RTP?

Like other traditional slot machines, all in all Aviator game have RTP (Return to Player) numbers. In fact, this game have high RTP most of the day.

2. Is Aviator provides massive win?

If you’re looking for a true excitement, consider playing Aviator for real money, since that’s how you can win large money. Play it now at 7Cric – where to play Aviator game freely!

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