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Without a doubt, you’ll find a way to prove that the sky is the limit. Let’s play SPRIBE Aviator game! Find out which online slots are the most popular in India with 7Cric.

In contrast to slot games from Pragmatic Play and PG Soft, these games are very popular. It might be because it’s so easy to pick up and play.

To make it clear, the difference is important. For instance, if there aren’t any reels or paylines, there’s no need to find a winning combination—just fly! So, are you ready to play Aviator SPRIBE gaming with 7Cric?

Lets Fly on Aviator Demo Play for Free Now!

Despite the fact that standard slot machines are overrated, SPRIBE offers you a novel choice for a real money online casino game – Aviator betting game.

Don’t worry, the Aviator demo play mode at 7Cric – where to play Aviator game into the sky! – is absolutely free!

Game Info of Aviator
Game Name Aviator
Provider Spribe Gaming
RTP (Payout %) 95.11%
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
out of 1000219 players
Free Spin
Max Win
Get up to ₹10,000 Welcome Bonus immediately!
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What Is Aviator Game?

What is Aviator game exactly? Whereas most developers create slots that seem and feel identical to one another. SPRIBE introduces a new online slot game with a unusual Curve Crash Mechanics called Aviator SPRIBE gaming.

1. Brief History Behind Aviator

What is Aviator game exactly? It’s unclear which game was the first to use Curve Crash elements like the one seen in SPRIBE’s Aviator game. But, other establish providers, such as Pragmatic Play already released too.

Well, the idea of this game is so simple, to fly as far as you can. As you flight into the skies, a Coefficient (Multiplier) will increase, that begins at 1x to infinity.

All wins or Coefficients (multiplier) are the output of Random Number Generator (RNG) to guarantee fairness and transparency. But the game mechanics is a Curve Crash Mechanics.

In addition, the key point is to guess exact numbers to Cash Out (redeem), before the plane crash or even before it disappears over the screen.

2. Visual Aspects and Features

If you’re looking for other traditional slot game, reels and paylines are important features to consider. It would have an influence on the gameplay. But, aren’t those things essential to succeed in the Aviator SPRIBE gaming? Learn more in the next sections.

Visual Aspects

SPRIBE’s doesn’t really care to a typical slots looks like. There are no symbols in Aviator game. At the same time, you don’t have to think about reels or paylines since there are none.

What’s really shown on the screen is simply a plane with Coefficient – Multiplier figures in the middle of the screen.

Live statistics on the left, in-game chat on the right, and a betting button at the bottom right corner. Above all, other Multiplier or Coefficient numbers also shown.

In-Game Features

Fun Mode Feature

These features allows you to play without having to place a wager. This is also an excellent chance for you to get acquainted with the game and its features.

In-Game Chat Feature

You do not need to enable any modes. In-game chat will be active automatically. Allowing you to communicate with other players through the active chat log for live bets, statistics, and free bets.

Live Bets Feature

Another key point of this game, is provides a page which displays other players’ current bets as well as the multipliers or coefficients they have earned.

Live Statistics Feature at Aviator SPRIBE Gaming

This tool enables you to simply see the last player’s history as well as your bets. There are three ways to filter what appears on the screen:

  • All bets – All players’ wagers and wins
  • Your Bet – bet amount, earnings, and multiplier/coefficient.
  • Top Bet – the largest daily, monthly, and yearly wins, as well as their multiplier/coefficient.

3. RTP (Return to Player)

From time to time, Aviator’s theoretical return to player (RTP) is 97%. As an illustration for every ₹8811 bet, at the same time you should get ₹8547 in wins.

In addition, the volatility is modest to moderate. So, as long as they cashing out before the plane takes off, players may expect to win reasonable amounts on a frequent basis.

Where To Play Aviator Game?

The question of where to play Aviator game is the first question that all players should answer. It is critical to understand that before betting any real money, you must choose a reliable online casino.

The solution to the question of where to play Aviator SPRIBE gaming is always 7Cric. A top online casino in India that has partnered with FUN88, a well-known established licensed casino.

  • Select the “Deposit” option after logging into your 7cric account.
  • You must make an initial deposit of at least ₹1000
    Once you complete your first-time deposit, go to “My promotion” page, seek for 200% Spribe Aviator Welcome Bonus – Limited Claims Daily and click “Apply”.
  • Following successful application, your bonus will be protected in your bonus wallet.
  • Following completion of the following Roll over conditions, the Bonus amount must be claimed through ‘My Promotions’ under the Promotions menu.
  • Once obtained, the bonus amount will be sent to the primary wallet as cash.

Step by Step How to Play Aviator Game Easily

So, are you ready to see if you’re lucky? We don’t expect you need to ask about how to play Aviator game is, since it’s so simple.

However, if you’re completely new around these Curve Crash Mechanics, you may try the following steps:

1. Set Your Bet

In the first place, after settling on a bet, you’ll need to click the “Confirm Bet” button in the corresponding betting section.

2. Second Bet Option

For one thing, before the plane even takes off, each player has the option of placing a second bet, increasing their potential payout.

3. Fly High Now!

After that, the plane will take off as soon as the timer hits zero. As you increase your distance, the multiplier will progressively increase.

4. Cash Out Soon

With that in mind, you may choose to either take your payout now (Cash-Out) or wait for the bigger one later.

However, keep in mind that there is always the possibility that it crashes or even disappears.

How to Cash Out on Aviator Game

Multiplier grows as plane flies. Positively, prizes are increasing. In this case, you probably mind and ask about how to Cash Out on Aviator game.

Cash Out features are belongs to redeeming any numbers or multiplier which shown as a prize, since you start to take off. There is two kind of features are follow:

1. Auto Cash Out Feature

To conclude, Auto Cash Out lets you specify a Cash Out amount for your bets, removing the need to rely on your fingers to stop the aircraft at the right quantity.

Given these points, pick your odds and let the game pay out your bets when the jet reaches your multiplier. Remember, with “auto” terms, it works the same with the numbers you specify.

2. Manual Cash Out Feature

Manual Cash Out has two potential effects on gameplay. First, you may overlook a larger multiplier. Second, game control keeps you safe. Manual Cash Out also affects players psychologically. It will increase FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

In Depth of Betting Option – 9 Best Aviator Game Tricks

Aviator doesn’t look like the typical slot machine model since it lacks conventional features like as reels, paylines, and symbols.

For beginners, it’s easy to see how the multiplier would increase as an airplane took to the air. To get farther in Aviator, you’ll need to learn more Aviator game tricks.

1. Low-Risk Aviator Game Tricks

This strategy may not boost a big jackpot rapidly, but designed to help you save money if you lose a wager. Otherwise, the objective is to gamble low and cash out at each round,  between 1.20 and 1.21.

2. Medium Risk Aviator Strategy

This strategy works best for players with no money limitation. Because, you are only looking for a 2x – 3x Coefficient (Multiplier).

3. High-Risk Aviator Game Tricks

Double-up system is a high-risk Aviator gaming strategy. Because requires more focus. In this case, the initial bet, should be enable Auto-Bet and Auto Cash-out at x1.2 Coefficient. For the second bet, use the moderate risk method from the one-bet portion.

4. The 1.5-One Bet Strategy

This strategy requires a stake and payout when the multiplier reaches 1.5 times its starting value.

This strategy seeks progressive returns with medium to low risk. Once the Aviator hits 1.5x multiplication, it guarantees 50% profit.

5. The 2:1 Aviator Game Tricks

This two-bet approach, one of the most progressives one, may bring you a lot of money if you’re lucky. Put two two-to-one bets in. Withdraw your profits at 1.5 multiplier.

6. The 1.5x + 2x Medium Risk Strategy

Your maximum bet may never exceed 1.5 times its current value, and your minimum bet may never exceed 2 times its current value. You collect your money if the plane hits you more than ten times.

7. Early Cash-Out System

Overall, if you want to try any betting systems with low volatility, another piece of advise is to just cash out early at every chance.

In general, this betting strategy will assist you in maintaining your balance and playing for a longer length of time. Instead, keep in mind that the game’s outcomes are utterly random.

8. Statistic Bar Optimized Strategy

By observing Live Statistic data, you can decide the best moment to wager to maximize your multiplier or coefficient. First, wait for 5-10 low multipliers or coefficients between 1.00 and 1.50x.

You can advance if that happens. Place two identical bets and set the “Auto Cash-out” multiplier to 2.00x on the first. Use the second bet to acquire a multiplier that matches the mean of the last ten to twenty rounds.

9. Martiangle Strategy

The Martingale is risky and only boosts short-term winning odds.  You’ll win more spins than normal, but your wins will be little and your losses might be huge.

Start with a tiny bet. If the aircraft flies off before you pay out, you double it for the next round. You would then bet ₹352. Until you win, you bet ₹176.

What is the Best Time to Play Aviator Game?

According to our statistical research of of winning Aviator data base, the best time to play Aviator game is between 2:58 and 5:05 in the morning (India local time).

But if you are still looking for reasons why you should play these game now, check if you are fit for these criteria:

  • Aviator is great for Martingale’s fans
  • For a player who want a fast-paced game
  • For a fans of simple casino games
  • If you are looking for repetitive wins
  • Or even for any high-risk player

How To Calculate Aviator Game? Try 7Cric’s Bankroll Strategies

Remember that Aviator SPRIBE games are RNG-based and always generate random numbers. Tracking units and bets is key to bankroll management. This is important to understand how to calculate Aviator game.

Bankroll strategies may help you meet your goals and maintain a balanced bankroll. Proper betting bankroll management may help you win more and lose less.

1. Unit Split

Units represent your bets. Set a unit size to determine your bankroll wager. If your unit size is 100, you’re up five units.

2. Keep Track of Your Bets

Players must manage their bets while calculating Aviator bank strategy. Any system requires bet tracking.

Tracking bets lets you assess your performance. It also shows which slots benefit and damage your money. Tracking outcomes offers this data.

3. Emotions should not be involved

Slots gaming is risky. Expect the worst and hope for the best. Bet with your head—your favored numbers may not appear.

Betting requires bankroll management. Bet what you can lose. The bankroll allows you rationalize since you’ve saved for daily costs.

4. Make Smart Bets Using Data

You’ll want to check your Aviator betting earnings after putting away money. Long-term betting involves studying multiplier success, particularly Leaderboard repetition.

Lets Fly High With 7Cric on Aviator Game by SPRIBE

If typical slot games bore you, try the novel Aviator game, which is the most popular online slot game in India. Fly with 7Cric, and you might get a 200% Welcome Bonus and ₹100 today! Just try the steps below to get those wonderful bonuses.

Frequently Asked Question about Aviator Game

You might win if you press “Cash Out” before the plane crashes or disappears completely. Even though this game is pretty easy, check out these frequently asked questions to learn more about how to play it:

1. If Aviator player placed double bet, will be count as combine or separately?

In SPRIBE Aviator, there is no need to be concerned since each bet was considered as a separate bet.

2. What do you need to know before you play aviator?

Since this article is simple and short, 7Cric has already discussed about some important things, like Leaderboards and Statistics, that can help you win when you play the SPRIBE game Aviator.

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