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Lightning Roulette online by Evolution Gaming simulates the thrilling atmosphere of a real live Roulette games.

However, is an enhanced version of European Roulette with extra features for added fun. With this in mind, you can guess the right numbers, for a chance of big win.

Most Played Online Roulette: Lightning Roulette Online

As usual, Evolution Gaming has taken roulettes and added a unique feature to their massively popular game Lightning Roulette online, especially in India gambling community.

Released since 2018, instead only provides standard betting options, this game offer a twist and a unique ways, that allows players to win far more than they would at a standard online roulette game tables.

1. A Quick Look Into Lightning Roulette Online

All of Evolution’s games are streamed from high-quality studios, but few are as sophisticated as Lightning Roulette online.

In addition to a brand new table gaming experience, players benefit from a fantastic environment in which to try their luck.

Game Visual Aspect

With a classy Art Deco aesthetic visuals, which makes entering the game feel like you’re in a swanky black and gold New York establishment in the 1920s, or at one of Jay Gatsby’s parties.

The low lighting and stylish décor create an elegant atmosphere, while the roulette wheel sits on a pillar in the center of the room.

The wheel, by the way, is sealed and automatic, so the dealer never spins it or comes into contact with it. It’s worth mentioning the Lightning Roulette online show’s dealers in particular.

Live Casino Aspect

In detail of the live-casino feature of Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette online. This game will make you appreciate it even more.

They choose lovely, skilled hosts who keep the players pleased during downtime and exciting moments, like large Lucky Numbers.

In the chat box, players can communicate or ask questions, which dealers will gladly answer.

Regulation Aspect

To make sure everything is in order, the roulette wheel is kept in top-tier by following the rules set by regulators. Additionally, the ball is measured and weighed.

Prior to an Evo Gaming which licensed by both the MGA and the UK Gambling Commission. Third-party auditors have certified the RNG engine.

Further more, this Lighting Roulette online, which completes the fair play standard, has a theoretical return value of 97.3% (one of the biggest return, differing from other Roulette games).

Betting Option Aspect

To play Lightning Roulette online, players must make all of their selections from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

The first step is to choose your bets, with options ranging from 20 p/c to the operator’s limit, which is typically in the range of (maximum) ₹8,874 – ₹177,498.

As with traditional roulette, players place their chips on a betting mat. Not long after, the ball spins and the lightning strikes.

2. Lightning Roulette Rules

In a nutshell, Lighting Roulette is a new and exciting version of European Roulette. When the bet ends, you will understand the game’s unique selling features.

The dealer flips a switch, and select randomly up to five numbers. The multiplier for these Lucky Numbers, coupled with 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x multiplier.

Because of that, if the ball lands on one of the numbers, players win the higher amount instead of the usual payout.

In Lightning Roulette online, the wheel has 37 slots, one for a zero and the rest for the numbers 1 through 36. The payment plan is also a bit different.

Nevertheless, normal number payouts are lower, but if lightning strikes them, their values can go through the roof.

Each bet on the Lucky Number pays out between 50:1 and 500:1, in contrast to the Straight bets that don’t involve a multiplier pay out 30:1.

Alternatively, like Corners, Splits, Dozens, Red/Black, and so on, pay out the same as in regular online Roulette payouts system.

Keep in mind that Lucky Number multipliers only help you if you bet on a straight number. Outside bets don’t count.

Easy Tips to Win the Lightning Roulette Online

7Cric offers a wide range of online Roulette games from betting games provider, such as Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and many more.

We have several bonuses, including a ₹15,000 bonus for Lightning Roulette online. And especially a 75% Reload Bonus of up to 20,000 every week for any Evolution Gaming’s game.

But, if you want to win as much as possible. 7Cric has bring some tips for beginners on how to spin better. They are as follows:

  • Only play Straight-Up bets to give yourself the best chance of finding multipliers, which will only appear on the numbers 0 through 36.
  • Use French bets instead of 12 and 17 to cover the other eight numbers.
  • Bet responsibly. As you pursue losses, betting more than you can afford can frustrate you. Limit yourself. If your float is ₹100, stop betting.

Spin Your Luck on Lightning Roulette Online by Evo Gaming With Us!

Above all, Lightning Roulette online is a must played games for India’s Roulette fans. Due to the thrill of winning up to 500x on a basic number bet and the great atmosphere you get to play it in 7Cric, with a chance to get a welcome bonus up to ₹15,000 today!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Lightning Roulette Online

Surprisingly, Lightning Roulette online are quiet simple to understand, even for every beginners. If you want to play real money Roulette online, these one is a perfect match. Please make sure, to read this frequently a

1. Is Lightning Roulette real or fake?

Lightning roulette is unmanipulated. These game use a RNG like many other online casino games. RNGs ensure each game is really random, benefiting the casino and players.

2. Does Lightning Roulette support progressive strategies?

If you want to play Lightning Roulette online, one progressive strategy that may work for you would be to choose more than half of the numbers at random, but this would be very expensive.

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