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Are you ready to play a broad variation of online Roulette games? Pragmatic Play Roulette game are a major part of online casinos, owing to a big fans.

If you’re already aware with the developer’s RNG and live roulette masterpieces, given that a look at the following top Pragmatic Play roulettes for 2023!

Spin for Free! Crystal Roulette Demo by Pragmatic Play

In order to help you out, we chose the best Pragmatic Play Roulette games, the classic online Roulette real money games – Crystal Roulette!

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Deep Dive into Pragmatic Play Roulette Games

Pragmatic Play is a top tier game provider that creates player favorites for the world’s most popular gambling community, since 2015.

Not long after they established. They provide many games. such as slots, live casino, bingo, virtual sports, sportsbook, and many more, including Pragmatic Play Roulette online games.

Whit this intention, which Pragmatic Play Roulette games are the best?

Please take the time to read 7Cric short review. So that you can figure out what the finest Roulette games are for you.

1. Azure Roulette

First, this Pragmatic Roulette game and other games with the same name “Azure” came out in September 2020. (i.e., Azure Blackjack).

To clarify, Azure Roulette rules are largely those of French roulette, In contrast, there are some special options for side betting systems.

Because of that, you may take advantage of the racetrack’s betting possibilities, which include three more unique bets across four distinct “sectors.”

  • Three special bets with big payouts (Final en Plain, Finales a Cheval, Full Complete)
  • Based on French roulette, so it offers a low-house edge
  • You can use the racetrack easily with the neighbour bets selector
  • You can plan and/or change a strategy thanks to interactive game statistics
  • Streamed from Bucharest so very low ping for UK players

2. Mega Roulette

This game, a single-zero roulette variation featuring Mega Bets, Mega Multipliers, and Mega Win, where out in February 2021.

Mega Roulette are one of the Pragmatic Play Roulette games which allows players to make many identical bets at once.

In every spin, the Mega Multipliers feature will choose up to five random numbers and apply a multiplier between fifty and five thousand times to those numbers.

The multiplier values ranging from 50x to 5.000x. These multipliers may result in “Mega Win” rewards.

  • You can place 37 straight bets at the same time with one move
  • Classic European roulette experience with multiplier payouts
  • You can win up to 500x total bet
  • Amazing visual and sound effects
  • Fast gameplay – the betting time is 20 seconds

3. Roulette Macao

All of the action in this Pragmatic Play roulette game is conducted in English by friendly dealers who only provide one camera angle.

You may, however, enlarge the view of the table and the wheel to any specific part you choose. So it will be flexible enough to play with.

In detail, Roulette payouts system and regulations are based upon European Roulette rules and gameplay system. There are an extra bet option available for this game.

For your info, live-streaming session for this show is being broadcast live from Romania. Roulette Macao was launched in March 2020.

  • Offers standard European roulette RTP (97.30%)
  • The betting range suits all budgets (between 1 GBP and 5.000 GBP)
  • Hit frequency and hot & cold numbers are always displayed on the screen
  • The camera focuses on the dealer and the wheel all the time – no disruptions
  • Zoom-in feature for a more immersive experience

4. Auto Roulette

This is a low-limit roulette game based on the European Roulette system. Auto Roulette available in May 2020. The game is totally automated, as the name implies: there is no dealer.

After all bets are closed, the ball is immediately dropped to the wheel, and the wheel always continues to spin. It just pauses for a split second to display the winning conclusion.

Not long after that, additional bets are allowed, and a new round begins. This is a fast-paced game with side wagers.

  • Rapid pace of play; the wheel is constantly in motion
  • Three side bets to take a chance on (Finale en Plein, Finale a Cheval, and Full Complete)
  • There is no dealer since the game is totally automated.
  • At this Pragmatic Play Roulette games you may still chat to other players.
  • Based on European roulette, it has the same RTP (97.30%) as European roulette.

5. Speed Roulette

This game is extremely similar to Auto Roulette in terms of gameplay since the wheel never stops, merely slows down for a little while. However, there is a dealer this time, and the camera only shows the wheel.

This Roulette Pragmatic Play live game is over 60% quicker than other types since players may put bets virtually continuously – the only time fresh bets are not allowed is when the winning number is revealed.

  • Rapid game play with a live dealer.
  • Utilizes a European wheel with a single zero.
  • Racetrack betting is allowed (Zero, Voisins, Orphelins, Tiers).
  • You may store and repeat your favorite bets.
  • The interval between new game rounds is less than ten seconds.

Pragmatic Play Roulette Games on 7Cric

Pragmatic Play roulette is appropriate for all types of players. Nonetheless, for any newcomer who want to begin wagering, real money roulette is available. 7Cric can help you learn more!

Most Asked Question About Pragmatic Play Roulette

After reviewing Pragmatic Play games, here’s an answer of the most common queries. Please read them carefully as they include important information about the Pragmatic Play roulette:

1. Can I play Pragmatic Play roulettes on my mobile phone?

To clarify, it’s no surprise that Pragmatic Play’s games, including roulettes, are mobile-friendly. Pragmatic Play’s success is based on its mobile apps’ high quality.

2. Can I play Pragmatic Play roulette with bonuses?

In fact, Pragmatic Play Roulette games are popular in India. We give big welcome bonuses and incentives. Get your ₹15,000 bonus today at 7Cric!

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