Back to the 90’s? Mystery Science Theater 3000 Making a Comeback

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Viewers and devoted fans of the show have been watching DVD’s and online since the show left the air.

There is a new wave of nostalgia TV coming in the next year, with revived series such as The X-filesFull HouseGilmore Girls and Twin Peaks set for premiers of new episodes in the upcoming months.

Now, according to an article in Entertainment Weekly, we can add another iconic series to the list.  Joel Hogsdon, creator of the show, announced on Tuesday that Mystery Science Theater 3000 is going to be revived after being off of television for 15 years.

Hogsdon says the first step is to launch a crowd-funding site, Bring Back MST3K, that he hopes will not only provide funding for the series, but will work as a marketing and promotional tool to make former and newer viewers aware of the show and its content.

He also hopes to reunite those who contributed to the show in the past, and that they will want to get involved with the show’s revival.  He adds they have been talking about doing this for around five years, so its taking quite a long time to pull it together.

The premise of the show is simple.  After being sent into outer space by a mad scientist, a man is being held prisoner and forced to undergo psychological experiments, including watching some of the worst movies ever produced.  To keep his sanity, the prisoner talks back to the movie as it runs and converses with a pair of smart-mouthed robots, Tom Servo and Crow.

Originally launched on public access television, the show was picked up by the Comedy Channel and ran for seven years before being cancelled.  After a letter-writing campaign to save the show, it moved to the Sci-FI Channel (Now Syfy) for three years before being dropped.

Hogsdon says he plans a new cast of characters, while inviting the original cast back to write, produce and do cameos on the new version.  Saying he wants to blend the old with the new, he thinks the show needs to be refreshed with some new talent as well.

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