You Won’t Believe This Couple’s Stunning Birth Announcement

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A remarkable story out of Texas has taken off on social media like wildfire, and the couple hopes it gives hope to others.

For one couple, it was probably the most difficult struggle of their lives, but they finally got the pregnancy they prayed for, and they announced it to social media in a pretty incredible way. Lauren and Garyt Walker posted an eye-popping image of Facebook showing two onesies with the words “worth the wait” surrounded by hundreds of used in vitro fertilization needles, and the image took off.

As they say, a picture says more than a thousand words, and this image tells the long and difficult journey the Texas couple had that lasted 953 days and included 452 IVF needles. Now, after lots of waiting and trying and some surgeries, they’ll be rewarded with not just one baby, but twins.

Duke and Diana are due this August. Lauren wrote on her Facebook page that she hopes the story of their struggle will give hope to other couples trying to make it happen.

“We thought about how to announce our two miracles to the world,” Lauren wrote on her Facebook page. “Everything we could think of fell short of doing them justice. Doing ourselves justice, for every trial and tribulation we have been through these past years. Taking out these needles by the handful to take this photograph was… surreal. Half way through my hands started to quiver, my breath got short, and I had to stop. I sat down, looked at it and started to cry. Not because I was sad about what it took to get here, but because it was a representation of my world, our world, for the past over two and a half years staring back at me. There was a lot of pain, hope, and fear behind each of these needles. Each one representes a different day, a different path, a different emotion. It’s a lot to take in. After a good cry, the more I looked at it, the more the needles started to blur together. Now all I see are these tiny onesies that so perfectly sum up our journey: Worth the wait. And wait, and wait, and wait.”

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