You can now preorder a Glowforge 3D Maker Machine online

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Ever wanted to get into 3D printing but didn’t have the time? According to a report from Tech Crunch, that may no longer be an issue. Company Glowforge has announced that it will begin accepting preorders for its 3D laser printer.

The 3D printer isn’t actually a 3D printer, but more of a laser cutter. The machine cuts and reduces material to make designs out of leather and plastic, much like a sculptor chipping away at a slab of stone. Traditionally, 3D printers sculpt the material from the bottom up.

Glowforge may be onto something good. The company raised a $9 million Series A from the Foundry Group, True Ventures, and other investors eager to help make cheap and smaller laser cutters available. The quality of the Maker Machine rivals that of the cutters found in professional shops.

Glowforge has improved upon the current small laser cutter design with improved precision, achieved by subtractive technology and autofocus. Glowforge demonstrated the machine’s abilities, creating a lampshade and a drone frame in just minutes.

To print something, all you need to do is upload a design and insert your desired material. The machine will begin hacking away with its lasers, and in a matter of no time the individual pieces to your design will be completed. It even puts the pieces together!

Professional laser cutters cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the Glowforge is going for a cool $1,995 for preorder customers.

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