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There are countless applications that seek to solve problems, from the most everyday and simple, to more complicated but necessary functions, all within reach of a click and on mobile devices that we are used to charging.

In general, since applications have become available to users with smartphones, it is impossible not to have at least one of these tools downloaded.

Beyond the social networks that most have, the Play Store and the App Store, offer a large number of apps ranging from classic games to adapted video games, books, movies, streaming, for moms, for children, adolescents and anyone in general.

In the following Cuy Móvil article , learn about 5 different applications to decorate your home that will help you if you are constantly looking to redesign the spaces in your house to make it pleasant for you or your family, all at your fingertips.

Take advantage of app stores 

The app stores on smartphones have come to revolutionize the way we use these devices, since we all have at least one app for our day to day outside of social networks.

From apps for exercise, games, streaming, smart calculators and even decorating apps , it is practically a reality that there is an app for everything we may need.

Even VPNs to access unpublished content from other countries, testing premium versions and testing trial versions, the options are endless to make the most of the platforms that we will find.

Whether it’s the iOS, Android, Huawei or any store that exists, find different options to fulfill the function you want and choose the one that best suits you, regardless of the country, since most are created for use by all users worldwide.

Applications to Decorate 


This well-known application serves as an inspiration for millions of people in the world, it is an exclusive Google class for varied images, not only outfits, nails or photos for social networks, but you will find everything.

The best thing is that you can create an exclusive folder to store the images that you like the most and want to use as inspiration for your home, whether for the living room, bedrooms or bathrooms, you just have to put what you want to see in the search engine to obtain varied results .

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Planner 5D- Interior design

This application, which is available on iOS and Android, will help you make 2D and 3D plans to visualize your ideas and projects before carrying them out, offering a catalog with 6,400 pieces and realistic images.

It has a free version where you can edit in 2 and 3D and with more than 150 unlimited models, and you can synchronize it with different platforms that will help you create projects more similar to the one you have in mind.

On the other hand, the premium version unlocks a catalog of 5,000+ items and more features to help you edit sizes and appearances. Both versions are available to be used from cell phones and tablets.


Since color is an important part of any remodeling, it is necessary to know all the possible options to choose the one that best suits the style you are looking for and the elements that are going to be added to the room.

Color911 is the application of Amy Wax, a color expert, where you can create your color palette based on the colors you find, as well as offering samples or you can use the recommended ones.

Color portfolio

From the Benjamin Moore company, this application is ideal for trying color changes, since it has a base of different shades that will help inspire you to create your ideal space.

You will have the option of taking a photo of the room you want to try the different colors of the Benjamin Moore collection, as well as having ideas in the same app to help you find the color that best suits you.


LTK is an application similar to Pinterest, a kind of social photo network where you can find inspiration in other people’s creations to have different ideas, very similar to Instagram, but focusing on content creators.

In addition, on this same platform you can find influencers who post real photos of their homes, links and more information to make it easier to find something you like and implement it in your home.

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