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The only way to get your hands on this new limited-edition golden PS4 is to eat at Taco Bell – a lot.

Good news if you’re a fan of Taco Bell and video games – the fast food chain will be offering a promotion that you’re not likely to pass up. According to a report from Forbes, Taco Bell, in partnership with Sony, will be offering customers the chance to win a gold-colored Playstation 4 gaming system.

Taco fans will have the opportunity to win the gaming unit every ten minutes between September 24 and November 4th this year. Upon purchasing a Taco Bell Big Box, which includes a variety of taco products, a dessert and a drink, customers will be entered into the sweepstakes to win.

Taco Bell is already revered as fuel for the gaming world, largely buoyed by their ubiquitous Mountain Dew Baja Blast soda.

According to a blog post from Sony, the promotion will only be running at Taco Bell stores across the country beginning on the 24th of September. By giving away a Limited Edition Gold Playstation 4 bundle every ten minutes over this time frame, one can calculate that there are only 6,000 gold PS4s out there.

The move represents a new foray into fast food markets on the part of technology companies. Movies have been advertised in conjunction with fast food for years, and the new promotion provides both Sony and Taco Bell with brand recognition.

So remember, if you like tacos, and you have to get your hands on a golden PS4, Taco Bell is the place to be between September 24 and November 4 this year.

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