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Scientists have reconstructed the face of a 9,000 year old teenager, whose remains were discovered in a cave in Greece.

Scientists have figured out how to reconstruct the face of a teenager who lived 9,000 years ago, and the results are fascinating to behold. Her skeletal remains were discovered in a cave the Thessaly region of Greece back in 1993, and up until now her actual appearance had been a mystery.

Researchers believe she lived during the Mesolithic period around 7,000 BC, and was probably between 15 and 18 years of age when she died, which is based on the condition and development of her bones and teeth. Scientists think she chewed on animal skin to turn it into letter, as evidenced by her protruding jaw and scowl.

Dawn appeared to have hip and joint problems, and may have suffered from scurvy on top of being anemic. These conditions may have led to her early death. She was found in Theopetra Cave, which researchers believe was first inhabited about 100,000 years ago and contains many ancient stone tools and pottery.

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