Steve Carter, Fairfax hiker, found dead on scenic fire trail

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Steve Carter, 67, noted California psychologist, was found dead on a scenic fire trail in Marin County, California.

A California massage therapist and tantra instructor, Steve Carter, was found shot to death while hiking in Marin County earlier this week. According to a report from SFGate, the hiker’s dog was still hooked to his leash in Carter’s hand, also wounded.

Carter was discovered just after 6pm on Monday by another hiker. Investigators rushed to the scene in the Loma Alta Open Space Preserve, north of Fairfax and believe that the assailant stole Carter’s car keys and drove off in his station wagon, which was parked in a lot at the edge of the trail.

Detectives still have no lead on a suspect or motive, but they released images of two persons of interest captured by nearby security cameras on Tuesday. The footage was shot at a convenience store in Fairfax, and shows a man with a black hat, long hair, and feathers sticking out of his brim.

Carter had just moved to Costa Rica with his wife Lokita, but returned to California so that his wife could be treated for breast cancer. Carter suffered multiple gunshot wounds while hiking on the Old Railroad Grade Fire Road, where detectives found bullet casings but no weapon.

Shots were reported in the area jus 45 minutes before Carter’s body was located, but authorities arrived at a different scene first. The police are still searching for information related to this mysterious and tragic killing.

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