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Authorities think a deadly flesh-eating bacteria may have entered a mans body through a blister on his skin, although authorities say it’s his own fault.

A 32-year-old man from Florida nearly died after a flesh-eating bacteria invaded his body. Wayne Atkins of Miami may have contracted the bacteria Group A Streptococcus while hiking in the White Mountains recently, although authorities say it’s incorrect to describe it as a flesh-eating bacteria.

In fact, authorities say that there’s no telling where this bacteria will come from, so it you shouldn’t consider New Hampshire as a spot where it specifically lurks. But we do know that it happened to Atkins after he went on a hike on Mount Garfield in June and noticed some blisters, which he ignored until returning to Miami.

However, he started to feel sick, prompting him to seek medical attention when he was diagnosed. New Hampshire authorities blame Atkins for not getting treatment sooner. Authorities think the bacteria entered his wound and led to an unusual complication that happens about 1,000 times per year across the country.

“Group B Streptococcus (group B strep) is a type of bacteria that causes illness in people of all ages,” the CDC says. “Also known as GBS, group B strep disease can be especially severe in newborns, most commonly causing sepsis (infection of the blood), pneumonia (infection in the lungs), and sometimes meningitis (infection of the fluid and lining around the brain and spinal cord). The most common problems caused by group B strep bacteria in adults are bloodstream infections, pneumonia, skin and soft-tissue infections, and bone and joint infections.”

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