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Something terrible turned into something wonderful in Nashville as a grieving father tries to put his life back together.

An incredible tragedy in Tennessee has just turned into an astonishing tale of how the community can rally together to support a family in mourning. Christian music artist Nathan Johnson and his wife Megan welcomed their first child Eilee Kate into the world on Tuesday morning, but hours later, Megan began to suffer complications and later died.

The sudden tragedy came as a shock to the Nashville community, and the outpouring from people around the nation was incredible. As of Saturday afternoon, the family had raised an incredible $382,314 out of a $400,000 goal.

Doctors still aren’t sure what exactly caused her to die. Johnson and his new daughter were surrounded by friends and family after returning to Nashville.

“This campaign has gotten so much love and support that I went ahead and upped the goal. Guys, this is amazing. THANK YOU for all of your support. Love you Nate and Eilee,” the GoFundMe page states. “Upped the goal AGAIN. You guys are amazing. Third time to up the goal. Breathtaking. Can’t stop crying. Thank you all for the outpouring of love for our dear friend.”

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