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An incredible bit of footage recorded on the International Space Station has exploded on social media recently.

An astonishing video has just emerged that was recorded on the International Space Station, and people can’t stop talking about it. The video that scientists were able to capture shows the incredible moment when rare blue lightning fills the sky above storm clouds, a sight that it so rare to see because it happens away from human eyes on the ground. The video of this remarkable moment is below.

Researchers who are trying to understand this strange phenomenon decided to put special cameras on the ISS to record the blue lightning and gather more insight on them. The footage, which was released to the public by the National Space Institute in Denmark, is a huge reward for their efforts.

The blue flashes of lightning happen around 18 kilometers from the ground, and one flash of lightning stretched 40 kilometers. Thanks to the ISS, we get to see the tremendous light show that happens above the clouds.

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