Scientists create amazing real-life Pac-Man with organisms [Video]

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The game was devised by the Norwegian researchers and a film maker to help bring science more into the mainstream.

Norwegian researchers have recreated the famous 80s arcade game with a twist – using single-celled organisms in real time.

The scientists from University College of Southeast Norway created the “Mikroskopisk Pacman” project, a tiny version using a nano-structure maze measured at less than one millimeter in diameter. The microscopic maze channels are filled with nutritious liquid and inside these channels are single-celled euglena and ciliates representing the Pac-Man, alongside multicellular rotifers that take the role of the ghosts.

The video was created with the help of filmmaker Adam Bartley, who used neon-lighting and micro scenography to capture the footage. The overall aim was to increase awareness of the researchers work and bring it to the mainstream in a relatable way – a job well done.

The choice of the Pac-Man game is to show how organisms usually hunt in a petri-dish with further games being produced by the team of Norwegians including more Pac-Man levels as well as experiments based on other well-known games.

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