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Periscope, Twitter’s streaming video arm, has revealed that it is working on a new app for the upcoming Apple TV, slated to be released later today in San Francisco.

Sources reveal that Periscope is currently working on an app for the new Apple TV, which is slated to be unveiled at a San Francisco conference today. According to a report from Tech Crunch, the app will allow users to view live streams broadcast from Twitter’s Periscope app directly on their TVs.

Apple is expected to make a number of announcements about new products today. Apple TV, its popular set-top box will be revamped to include an App Store that will allow third-party developers to submit their own applications, and Periscope is one of the first to reveal their plans to enter the market.

Games will be a new focus of the upgraded Apple TV, due largely in part to a new multifunction remote control with motion-sensing capabilities. Apple has revealed that the new platform will be perfect for ‘casual gamers.’

Nobody knows for sure what the new Periscope app will do exactly, but many speculate that streaming video will be the focus. Periscope was acquired by Twitter this January and launched the live-streaming app in the spring. Periscope currently has over 10 million registered users, and streams 40 years worth of video each day.

While the Apple TV will be unveiled later today, nobody knows when the Periscope app will be released. Periscope’s ability to enhance a user’s overall content consumption experience will likely spur many Apple fans to check out the new set-top box once it’s released.

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