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LixiLan, a new combination treatment for type 2 diabetes from French pharmaceutical company Sanofi has shown extremely promising results in a late-stage Phase III clinical trial.

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi announced on Monday that a second late-stage Phase III clinical trial of its new diabetes medication LixiLan had met its primary target. According to a report from Newsmax, the new drug is nearly ready for submission for regulatory review in the fourth quarter of this year in the U.S. and the first quarter of next year in Europe.

LixiLan combines two treatments to treat diabetes. It consists of a mixture of Lyxumia, developed by Danish drugmaker Zealand Pharma, and Sanofi’s Lantus medication. The single injection containing both medicines will primarily treat patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.

The company announced that it will publish the full results to the clinical trials in a future scientific forum.

The LixiLan-L Phase III trial reached its target goal in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes that were treated with insulin glargine with or excluding metformin. The ratio of insulin glargine to lixisenatide, a GLP-1 receptor agonist, proved to be significantly more effective at reducing HbA1c levels, the average blood sugar level over a three month period, than just insulin glargine.

Earlier this summer, Sanofi revealed the preliminary findings of a first late-stage Phase III trial of LixiLan, stating that the medication had produced satisfactory results.

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