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A shocking video of some strange sea creatures first attacking a teenager and then devouring meat has the Internet talking.

A father in Australia has shared some horrific video of bizarre creatures that attacked his teenage son and devoured raw meat. The video, taken after his teenage son was bleeding after a brief ocean swim in Brighton, shows what he thinks are “sea lice.”

Sam Kanizay, 16, had gone to swim at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton on Saturday when he walked out with tiny creatures gnawing on his legs, leaving blood everywhere. The creatures seemed to eat through his skin, prompting them to rush the teen to the hospital.

His father returned to the beach to find out what had attacked his son, putting a net full of raw meat in the water and then taking video of what happened next. The video, which is embedded at the bottom of this post, shows hundreds of the creatures swarming the food. He said that no one seems to know what they are.

“No one knows what the creatures are. They’ve called a number of people, whether it’s toxicity experts or marine exerts and other medics around Melbourne at least… [and] yep, no one [knows],” his father said according to a Yahoo7 report.

The report quoted one expert who indicated they could very easily be sea lice, as they are scavengers that clean up dead fish. The bites they make would be consistent with the pinprick size marks found on the teen’s body.

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