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Website shows the highest and lowest discounts for Cyber Week 2015.

Are you one of those who refused to fight the Black Friday crowds and decided to do your Christmas shopping online during Cyber Week?  Well, WalletHub, an online site that touts itself as a one-stop destination for all the tools and information consumers need to save money, has analyzed the deals for not only Cyber Monday, but for Cyber Week and listed the best and worst discounts for the event.

The analysts at the site looked through more than 3,000 deals advertised at 30 of the nation’s top retail establishments, and broke the data down into categories, such as Jewelry, Toys and Appliances, to rank the retailers.

The average discount on each item in the survey was weighted based on its pre-discounted price to give more credit to retailers marking down higher-priced items, and included items with a discount of at least $20, and excluded those that did not have a calculable percentage discount.

The items were placed into one of 11 product categories for the survey, and calculated an average using only retailers that offered discounts on at least 15 items in a particular category.

Groupon led the way in the survey with an average discount of 61.8 percent, followed by Belk at 58.6 percent, and Bon-Ton at 56 percent.  JCPenney at 52.6 percent and Macy’s at 51.7 percent rounded out the top five in the rankings.  Ebay and Kohl’s also had average discounts above 50 percent in the analysis.

Gander Mountain was at the bottom of the list with just a 13.5 percent average discount, with Walgreen’s at 21.9 and CVS Pharmacy at 22.8 percent.

The survey also found that 4 of 9 product had a bigger discount during Cyber Week than on Black Friday, including tablets, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves.

The overall average discount for Cyber Week is 36 percent, and the company says the consumer should look to meet or beat that discount level for a good deal.

The site also includes opinions from their experts on how to maximize your bargains during Cyber Week, and tips on avoiding overspending and being able to distinguish between real deals and marketing traps.

Wanda B. Hewlett

Wanda B. Hewlett (Contributor) is a freelance writer from the UK. When she’s not busy writing she loves to spend her time traveling, exploring and running.

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