Is Apple planning to try to reach a new market of small phone users?

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Some phone users looking for quality smaller phones instead of larger screens.

As phones are becoming so much more than phones, with gaming and video streaming important to more and more users, is there a niche market for those who occasionally want the convenience of a smart phone, but would still like it to fit into their pockets?

If the rumors are true, Apple may be just getting ready to test the waters, according to a story on The new iPhone 5se appears to be a revamped four-inch iPhone, that would cost in the $450 range, and could be just what many casual users are looking for.

Reports say the smaller phone would include improved specs, a new design and support for the newer iOS features like Apple Pay and Live Photos, while allowing for a more affordable price.

Certainly, the smaller screen would be bucking the trend, with 4-inch screens accounting for only six percent of the global cellphone purchases in 2005, according to the article. But who can say that the biggest reason for the lack of sales for the smaller screens on phones could be driven by the perception that the older phones lack the latest bells and whistles.

Certainly the fact that no one is manufacturing smaller phones any more is a factor as well. The rush to bigger and brighter screens has been seen as a way for Android systems to distinguish themselves from the iPhone, and those who favor more compact phones have been left behind.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said of those who owned an iPhone before 2014’s launch of the iPhone 6, sixty percent are still holding on to their 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch phones. Cook did not attempt to explain why, but it could be they just didn’t see an available option without up-sizing to the more expensive and larger phones.

So, time will tell if the new iPhone 5se will reach those holdouts, wanting to keep their smaller screen phones. Possibly, the combination of a smaller overall phone with the newer specs and a cheaper price may help Apple reach a new market of phone upgrades.

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