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Over the years, new technology is reaching consumers through different devices and models that brands create to present advances to users, different shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of each person.

Thus, today we find laptops, computers, tablets and cell phones of different sizes, shapes, processors and prices, which fulfill the same functions and serve different sectors of the population.

However, Apple, a brand that has known how to differentiate itself and stand out in this technological market through lines that everyone recognizes by name and characteristics, presenting novelties, but above all, by the excellent customer base it has, since it has become a lovemark.

In the following Cuy Móvil article , learn about the differences between these models so that you know which one to invest in according to your needs, be it iPad or tablet from a brand that is your favorite.

Main differences

Starting with the device and its presentation, the iPad is presented in aluminum, and although there are tablets that are made of this material, the cheapest options can save on presentation being made of plastic, in the same way for connections, the iPad is exclusive for cables Lightning, while the rest of the tablets have USB and HDMI ports.

The operating systems also vary, since all Apple devices work with iOS instead of Android, so it can be a little more difficult to use together if you do not have other devices of the brand, for the same reason, it has more free apps.

In terms of durability and prices, iPads can be more expensive, but because they offer quality and prestige, while you can find a variety of prices, brands and models on the market that go according to their durability.

ipad or tablet

To make the comparison and be able to choose between iPad or tablet , the Samsung brand is used as a reference, which stands out for its variety of products and innovative proposals such as its cellular models.

In this case, the comparison will be made between the iPad Pro and the Samsung S7+, which are direct competitors in the market, just like the brands, despite the fact that Samsung has more products and Apple is a high-end brand.

Starting with storage, Apple offers 6 or 8 RAM and storage from 128GB to 2TB via iCloud storage, while the S7+ offers 8 to 16GB RAM and storage from 128GB to 1TB that can be expanded via memory. SD.

Both models are compatible for use with Pen and keyboards to take advantage of the devices, the Samsung model has a 12.4″ screen, while Apple offers a minimum difference of 12.9″.

For the camera, the iPad Pro M1 offers 12MP on both the rear and front, while the S7+ has a 13MP rear and 8MP front or front camera. For the battery, the first promises 40.88 Whr and the Samsung 10090 mAh.

In the same way, it has the basic differences between Apple products and others, such as its own operating system, connector compatibility and the use of Face ID instead of a fingerprint.

iPad 2022

This year the apple brand has brought a new release to the market, and it is a cheaper version of the iPad at the time, which is available in silver, yellow, red and blue colors and many more new features.

This new version also has a larger 10.9-inch screen, iPadOS 16 processor, 12MP camera and a battery that promises 10 hours of internet browsing for its 28.6 WHr,

Also as part of its new design, Touch ID has become a fingerprint reader on the side button and the camera on the side frame to make it easier to use both horizontally and vertically and has True Tone technology and supports the first generation Apple Pencil.

The Apple A14 Bionic improves CPU performance by 20% and graphics by 10% than the previous version, and just like this one, you will also find the iPad Pro, iPod Mini and iPad Air as options for versions of this device.

Now that you know more about these tools, decide on the iPad or Tablet depending on what best suits your purpose, and continue browsing with the plans without a contract that Cuy offers . No contracts, high speed and great prices!

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