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Even the most imaginative event planners run out of creative energy. Especially if you’re simultaneously working on multiple projects or working to tight deadlines. The classic: I have an event for next week and I need ideas now!

Fortunately, there are many sources of event inspiration that you can draw on when you’ve run out of ideas. Pinterest, Instagram or, in general, social networks, can save us from those occasions in which creativity is scarce. You can also do it by consulting relevant magazines (such as eventoplus ) or surfing the internet.

To automate the search for inspiration, the one that you will need so much in moments of crisis, it is convenient that you save an ‘Ideas for events’ folder on your computer and share it with your team, it doesn’t fail!
Now, if you want to know how to fill that valuable folder, you better stay and keep reading. Inside ideas!

7 Unconventional Ways to Find Event Inspiration
1. Let the objectives of the event generate thematic ideas
First, define the objectives of the event to see the big picture. The theme and decor should fit the goals of the event , so ask your client questions often to make sure you’re meeting their needs . Sticking to the stated intentions of the event narrows down your options and gets you closer to the finish line from the start.

A symposium on green technology, for example, will guide you in exploring green event venues and providers. Thus, you can let the topic guide your brainstorming. Explore websites and magazines with an environmental focus and peruse books on nature photography to germinate ideas, such as a vertical garden behind keynote speakers or using organic seed packets as welcome cards.

2. Let the venue dictate the theme
Sometimes you find the perfect spot before choosing a theme, and the location can be all the inspiration you need . For example, a museum like The Ocean Race (in Alicante) may be the ideal place for a conference on sailing sports. A modern hotel lobby can inspire decor with clean, classic lines for a ballroom fundraising gala.

At venues that allow for dream events, set aside time to absorb the artwork or theme, either by visiting the venue in person or online. Explore the images, architecture, and history without pushing yourself to come up with ideas at first . A few days later, schedule a brainstorming session on the theme of the event and write down all your ideas without judging; it is likely that in the mixture of several ideas you will find the perfect idea.

If the client’s preferred location is unavailable , or financially out of reach, move the feel of their preferred location to another location . Is the long-awaited wedding of a couple in your favorite destination not possible? Project images of tropical beaches onto the ballroom walls.

3. Turn to your social media feed for event inspiration
Social media is where we go for everything: there’s never a shortage of recommendations for products, vacation destinations, and must-see experiences. It’s also a perfect source of event planning inspiration . Tailor your social media board with visually compelling events and follow other planners, vendors, venues, florists and more.

Pinterest is the ultimate social network for event planners. If you haven’t been poring over this virtual bulletin board since you started, now is the time to sign up. You’ll find everything from baby shower and birthday party themes to ideas for designing stunning weddings and corporate events . Friendly reminder : It’s easy to lose track of time browsing Pinterest, so keep these tips in mind:

Start with a basic board search using a broad term to start with. Event Inspiration offers many ideas. Find and follow boards with an aesthetic that matches yours and your existing customers.
Follow specific events or planning accounts like Event Manager Blog, Snappening, WeddingWire , The Knot, and Brides, and new ideas will automatically appear in your home feed .
Use the Pinterest magnifying glass to discover ideas based on the real world . Find flower arrangements, color combinations, tablescapes, or anything that inspires you. The visual discovery tool will show you related images and ideas.
Search for visually similar results by using the magnifying glass icon in the corner of the pinned images.
Explore trending ideas on Twitter when you follow other event professionals and related hashtags. Some top event planning hashtags include: #EventProfs, #EventPros, #MeetingProfs, #MeetingPros, #EventThemes, #EventManagement, #EventPlanning, #WeddingThemes, #Catering, and #EventsChat.

Following Instagram hashtags is also very TOP. Descriptive hashtags are top when it comes to this photo app. Explore #Bride, #WeddingDay, #PartyThemes, #Tablescapes, #EventPlanning, #EventIdeas, #ColorPalettes, #Pantone, #EventPlanners, #WeddingDecor, #EventStyling, #Celebrate, #EventInspiration and more for visual inspiration. You can even follow your favorite hashtags, so tagged photos appear in your feed . You can also use the Instagram “Guides”
tool to collect inspiration by theme. Here we leave you some examples of inspiration guide for weddings or scenery inspiration guide .

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