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goalTAndar bahar game rules is straightforward and simple, but the payout system is slightly different than other card games. Do you know that?

If you are new to this game, it is fundamental to understand the rules or even a flow of this game, before you spending real money to this online casino card games.

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Andar Bahar Game Rules: a Way to Winning Big

Well, if you’re new to the game and looking to learn the Andar Bahar game rules, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive information about what is online Andar Bahar games, and the possible strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning big.

1. Andar Bahar’s Backstory

Before we go further into Andar Bahar game rules, do you know where this game comes from? The online version is a recent release, however the origin of the game, has been around for centuries.

In fact, Andar Bahar is a popular Indian gambling game that has its origins in Bengaluru (Bangalore), which is located in the southern state of Karnataka. Meanwhile, in Tamil, it is referred to as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae.

Formerly, this game played by people on the streets and popular among the lower classes. Up to the present time, online Andar Bahar arise into the other regions of the world.

2. The Goals of Andar Bahar Games

In a word, when it comes to playing Andar Bahar, the rules are pretty straightforward. Overall, the game uses a standard 52-card pack, meanwhile the dealer is responsible for operating the bank.

In this case, players can join in at any time and sit in a circle around the dealer, placing their bets and watching as the game unfolds. As for Andar Bahar game rules, players don’t have to worry about anything too complicated.

The game is based purely on chance, and the objective is simple – correctly predict which pile, Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside), will contain a card that matches the card initially placed face up by the dealer. That’s it!

3. Andar Bahar’s Gameplay

When playing Andar Bahar, the dealer begins by thoroughly shuffling the cards, cutting them, and dealing one card face up. This card is known as the Trump Card or Joker, though these terms can be misleading.

Must be remembered, in traditional English card games, a Trump Card is one that can beat any card of a different suit, and a Joker is a wild card that can represent any card the player desires.

Therefore, it’s more accurate to refer to the first card as the House Card, or perhaps the middle card, since the two piles can be dealt on either side of it.

Once the House Card is placed, players can then place their bets on one of the two piles created by the dealer – Andar or Bahar. In Tamil, the two piles are known as Ullae (inside) and Veliyae (outside).

This may be because in the traditional game, the inside pile is closer to the dealer, while the outside pile is farther away.

However, in online Andar Bahar games, the layout may vary, but Andar and Bahar are typically located to the left and right of the house card.

4. Andar Bahar Game Payout

In fact, the goal is to predict which pile, Andar or Bahar, will contain a card that matches the card. But did you know that the payouts are slightly different?

Meanwhile, if the first matching card appears on the same side as the first card dealt, the odds are 0.9 to 1 for a successful bet on that side.

However, if the first matching card appears on the opposite side. The odds are 1 to 1 (evens) for a successful bet on that side.

This is because the chances of the first matching card appearing on the same side as the first card dealt are close to 51.5%.

House Card First Matching Card on Andar First Matching Card on Bahar
Black 0.9 to 1 1 to 1 (evens)
Red 1 to 1 (evens) 0.9 to 1

It’s also important to note that the house edge on a bet on the side where the first card is 2.15%. While the house edge on a bet on the side of the second card dealt is 3%.

From time to time, keeping these Andar Bahar game rules in mind, you can enjoy the game with a better understanding of the odds and payouts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Andar Bahar Game Rules

Furthermore, are you want to learn more about Andar Bahar game rules? To sum up, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Andar Bahar game rules to help you get started.

1. What is the house edge in Andar Bahar?

In fact, the house edge on a bet on the side where the first card is dealt is 2.15%. While the house edge on a bet on the side of the second card dealt is 3%. However, it depends on any online Andar Bahar game rules you are playing.

2. Are there any Andar Bahar betting strategies?
While Andar Bahar is a game of chance and there is no foolproof betting strategy. However, it’s important to remember that the game is based purely on chance. However, understand Andar Bahar game rules are essential.

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