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Your health is something you should always take care of. Maintaining an optimal state is necessary to obtain the desired quality of life. Therefore, from exercise to the food you eat should be as healthy as possible. In this way, you can guarantee your well-being.

In a world where everything you eat seems to contain a shower of chemicals and elements that are harmful to your body. We must be much more selective in the foods that we include in our diet and knowthe myths and realities of food  So, next, we will talk about 10 foods to improve your quality of life. Which cannot be missing in your pantry…

1. Avocado: One of the foods with the greatest benefits for the body

The nutrients in this food are capable of destroying some precancerous cells, according to a study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University. Its components make it a perfect ally for your healthDue to the monounsaturated fats that provide great benefits to your body. In addition to having vitamins B, K and E with a high fiber content. An avocado a day can improve your health considerably.

It is one of the most effective foods for cholesterol control. This will improve your quality of life by controlling your testosterone levels.Due to the potassium levels it contains, it is a very effective ally for the functioning of your muscular system. While magnesium brings impressive benefits to your central nervous system.

Therefore, it is a food that you cannot stop consuming, since it will make a remarkable change in your well-being. In addition, its preparation turns out to be very simple, so you will not spend hours in the kitchen to enjoy it.

2. Eat almonds and improve your quality of life!

In addition to helping to maintain your ideal weight  , the monounsaturated fats in almonds are perfect for preventing cardiovascular disease . Likewise, the increase in brain function, preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

According to an article published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Almonds reduce anxiety. Therefore, they generate incredible well-being in your body, due to the feeling of satiety that they provide. Feeding yourself with almonds will help you reduce your glycemic index, if you have diabetes.


Liver meat is rich in vitamin A, which undoubtedly helps improve the appearance of the skin due to its antioxidant properties .

In addition, it increases the production of hemoglobin due to its high iron content, so it undoubtedly helps to have better quality bloodAs if that were not enough, liver is a low-fat food, but it does provide a good amount of folic acid , which maintains proper cell division.

Particularly, in its yolk we find lecithin that is responsible for cleaning the fat in the arteriesIn addition, it contains choline that improves the nervous system. It provides vitamin D, A and E, as well as minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and folic acid.


Legumes are foods that should be part of everyone’s diet. And although the idea has spread that they are ideal for those people who do not consume meat, the truth is that everyone can benefit from their consumption. They are highly nutritious and satiating, in addition, they provide the necessary energy to carry out daily activities.

In short, legumes provide: carbohydrates, fiber, group B vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium.


Despite the fact that nuts contain a high caloric density in a small volume, they offer important nutrients for the body, as long as they are consumed in moderation , since they have healthy fats with omega 3 fatty acids.

On the other hand, it has a variety of vitamins and minerals. Such is the case of: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E and complex B. All these nutrients help to have better quality blood and, of course, good health.


Potatoes serve as the fuel that the body needs to produce energy . They are rich in B vitamins, folic acid and minerals. On the other hand, flavonoids protect against cardiovascular disease  and lower bad cholesterol.

For their part, group B vitamins are responsible for protecting the arteries. Particularly, vitamin B6 decreases homocysteine ​​levels, which is a chemical compound that contributes to inflammation of the arteries.

final considerations

In addition to maintaining a balanced diet rich in nutrients such as iron and folic acid, it is important to follow other good lifestyle habits, or else it will be difficult to obtain real benefits. Likewise, you must comply with the instructions of your doctor, especially if you suffer from any condition for which you have to take a pharmacological treatment.

If you have questions about how to eat a balanced diet, how often to eat certain foods and other related aspects, consult your doctor or a nutritionist.




Wanda B. Hewlett

Wanda B. Hewlett (Contributor) is a freelance writer from the UK. When she’s not busy writing she loves to spend her time traveling, exploring and running.

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