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It’s called synthol, or site enhancement oil, and it may be about to cost a Russian bodybuilder both of his arms.

As we reported recently, 21-year-old Kirill Tereshin of Pyatigorsk, Russia, may be about to have both of his arms amputated. But it’s not because of some industrial accident or cancer or something like that – it’s because he injected a little known chemical directly into his biceps, and how this chemical is being used throughout the bodybuilding world may shock you.

You can see Tereshin showing off his grotesque 24-inch biceps in a video embedded at the bottom of this post, and Tereshin says he’s not going to stop until he gets to 27 inches. He’s used a chemical called synthol, which is made up of about 85 percent oil and other substances like lidocaine and alcohol.

Synthol is a recent trend in the bodybuilding community. Injecting the substance leads to bigger muscles, even though using them has been prohibited in some countries, including the United States. However, it’s incredibly dangerous, as it can cause pulmonary embolisms, nerve damage, infections, strokes, and ulcers in the muscle.

Why do bodybuilders do this? It’s because they want to achieve a certain appearance that they can’t get through normal diet and exericse.

“What most bodybuilders notice when they first get involved in the sport is that some muscle groups get bigger much faster than others,” user MeoMeoBeauty wrote on the question and answer forum Quora. “Sometimes, this is so pronounced that those specific muscles remain prominent even if they are trained with less intensity and frequency than the lagging ones. A good example would be the muscles of the lower leg and specifically the calf muscle.

“Many famous bodybuilders such as Dexter Jackson, Dennis Wolf, Flex Wheeler and many more to count had trouble developing muscular and powerful calves muscles despite all the training, abuse of anabolic steroids and the best bodybuilding coaching in the world. In similar situation, where the muscle just doesn’t grow no matter what, bodybuilders often start injecting the problematic muscle group with site enhancement oils or use muscle implants in order to reduce the obvious weakness.”

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