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A 2-year-old boy who was denied a kidney transplant due to his father’s criminal history was rushed to the ER recently.

A 2-year-old boy in Atlanta who was recently denied a kidney transplant due to his father’s alleged behavior had to be rushed to the emergency room on Sunday to deal with a peritonitis infection. A.J. Burgess needs a kidney transplant but was denied one because of his father’s probation violation, leaving him fighting for his life for at least a few months, a story that has since gone viral.

Anthony Dickerson is a perfect match for his son and could donate the kidney that might save his life, but because he violated his probation recently, the hospital won’t let him donate it. Little A.J. was born without kidneys, and Emory Hospital told the family that if they wanted to save his life, the father would have to be on good behavior for the next three to four months, which the family fears might be too late to save him.

Now, the family is stuck waiting until January 2018 and hoping that the young boy can survive that long. The family’s attorney, Mawuli Davis, has released the following statement according to WBIR: “The family is asking for people of all faith traditions to be in prayer today for Baby AJ. His spirit is strong but his body is weakening.”

People are currently slamming the hospital on Facebook for refusing to help save the young boy based on his father’s behavior.

Adam Adolfo Yzaguirre: “A hospital that is shame based. This is a place that has no interest in ‘do no harm’. I hope you are sued and you loose your accreditation. You would not be doing this to AJ Dickerson if he were a white child. You have no credible or reliable reason to deny treatment on the base of prison sentiment of the parent. The father came in and was ready – and you turned him away. May God have mercy on your heartless souls. You’ll be forced to answer for your sins.”

Yukiko B Kudo: “Emory Hospital you are denying a life-saving kidney transplant from a matched and available donor to a two-year-old child AJ Burgess Dickerson. How cruel and inhumane.”


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