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A groundbreaking new discovery suggests that by simply consuming a modest amount of leafy greens, we can protect our brains.

In a huge new discovery, scientists have determined that eating just one service of leafy greens every day may cut the rate of aging int he brain by as remarkable 11 years. Researchers at Rush University determined that people who ate leafy vegetables saw a slower rate of decline when it came to memory than those who avoided the veggies.

The study was based on an examination of 960 people who were an average of 81 years of age and didn’t have any major brain problems. They were observed over a period of not quite five years, and completed a questionnaire on their dietary habits, as well as took tests on memory and thinking skills.

Top consumers of leafy greens generally ate about 1.3 servings per day, whereas those in the bottom consumed about 0.1 servings per day. After 10 years of follow up, scientists found a significantly lower rate of decline in the brains of those who ate the most leafy greens.

“Adding a daily serving of green, leafy vegetables to your diet may be a simple way to foster your brain health,” said study author Martha Clare Morris, ScD, of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. “Projections show sharp increases in the percentage of people with dementia as the oldest age groups continue to grow in number, so effective strategies to prevent dementia are critical.”

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